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Does the Daily Mail comments admin/bots suppress the mention of the name David Icke?

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I noticed that whenever I have mentioned David Icke's name, or quoted him, on a Daily Mail comment, they never publish my comment.  Though if I disguise his name phonetically it gets through.


Is this just a lot of coincidences, or is David Icke's name spotted by their bots and just not printed?


Given that they tolerate some freedom of speech, this is strange.  I have heard David Icke say he has been banned from speaking in some European countries, but surely the major mainstream UK newspaper can tolerate him?  I have never ever heard David say anything offensive.

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Most probably yes as most information that threatens the status quo is censored, bots are used primarily to upvote and out post peoples actual perspectives, comment sections are increasingly turned off for the same reason now as bots are not enough to outvote and out post people waking up to reality. 

Now I want to post 'David Icke' in comment sections everywhere even entirely out of context to see if they get through...Interesting thing to notice though!

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Try these Names, Joseph Goebbels, Alex Jones, Edward Bernays, Walter Martin, Friedrich Nietzsche, Joseph McCarthy   inconjunction with Daily Mails Honesty and you Got start to you banned Censored list, After All they can only let you have One Narrative and Never Mention the fact it is Propaganda Tool of there masters...



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