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Bobby Seagull - Maths - National Numeracy Ambassador

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Rishi Sunak; "We are making numeracy ..."

"Imagine what numeracy will unlock for people"

 "Mortgage, Wages, Confidence ..."


One guest on the news said this is a not a new idea in politics, and that it reminded him of Tony Blair. He also mentioned Adrian Smith ...


There are many sites with the 'Report of Professor Sir Adrian Smith's review of post-16 mathematics, July 2017'


I also saw this text on a link; ... Announcement: Shrinivas Honap and Sir Adrian Smith have been extended for 6 months to the Board of the UK Atomic Energy Authority.




Below is the speech made by Tony Blair, PM, at the Maths 2000 Conference, on 16th March 1999.




He said "without change, we will never achieve our goals".


(Yes, but whose goals?)


Accidentally came across Blair's website; 


Executive Chairman of the Institute for Global Change




Time for a World Education Service: Focused, Free and for All, July 2022




i saw the enthusiastic Bobby Seagull on BBC News today, so i looked him up and saw this article, also from 2017;




Bobby Seagull; "Previously I worked in finance, both as a trader at the investment bank Lehman Brothers and an accountant at PwC. So you won’t be surprised to hear that numbers are an important part of my life, and indeed strongly tied to my identity."


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