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Concerning the claim Hitler/NSDAP was financed by international finance and their puppet/agent

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Thanks for posting a shill to tell me what a shill is ;)

What I especially like about your posts is predominantly mentioning "elephant in the room" then post AJ who allegedly shills FOR the elephant in the room. Your cognitive blindspots pour throughout your posts, always divisive, always obsessed with "my tribe". 

You have a lot of learning to do, its about humanity as a whole not fragments thereof. 

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On 1/8/2023 at 4:27 PM, Indigo said:

It's funny how yt censors all Hitler's speeches, they must be very inconvenient for the powers that be:

Adolf Hitler threatens the International Finance Jewry



When they say in „A fish named Wanda“: 🐠

„Where would your Country (England) be today without the help of USA?.....you would constantly listening to marching music and eating „sauerkraut““ -
they probably didn´t mean Germany cause Germans do not eat more "Sauerkraut" than Frenchs - but maybe meant Russia and the Communism.
Communism stopped at Germanys borders.



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Here's one of the few survivers that had contacts with Hitler and witnessed events first hand....one of the few that didn't accept the "...if you can't beat 'em join 'em..."(or "...to go along with, to get along with...") thing that so many did accept after the war.


"Leon Degrelle (born June 15th 1906, died March 31 1994) was a Walloon Belgian politician, who founded Rexism and later joined the Waffen SS which were front-line troops in the fight against the Soviet Union AND Communism. (this description continues below...) - "show more" -


This is a self-spoken biography (with an introduction by his daughter). He was one of many, who wished and believed that they could make a better Europe and struggled mightily to that end. Whatever one's political outlook.., one cannot doubt the courage and conviction of Degrelle or the men that he led. That he survived so much carnage and the vengeance of his enemies at the end is remarkable. That he then went on to produce such a memorable account of his experiences we should be thankful for. It was an epic struggle by any standards...".


(if the video doesn't work at first, just refresh the page).


And this from The Institute For Historical Review:


Leon Degrelle

By Mark Weber

SS officer Leon Degrelle addresses a large outdoor audience in Brussels, Belgium, 1944.


Leon Degrelle, combat hero of the Second World War, political leader, author and friend of the Institute for Historical Review, died March 31 [1994] in the southern Spanish city of Malaga. He was 87.

Degrelle was born on June 15, 1906, into a prosperous Catholic family in Bouillon, Belgium. As a young man, he was strongly influenced by the ideas of French writer Charles Marraus.

After study of philosophy, literature and law at the University of Louvain, this gifted publicist and charismatic public speaker turned to journalism and politics. In eloquent addresses to large rallies, several books and numerous booklets, and through his newspaper, Le Pays réel, he quickly made a mark on his country's political life. At the age of 29, his Catholic "Rex" movement -- which demanded radical political reform and the establishment of an authoritative "corporative" state of social justice and national unity -- captured 11.5 percent of the vote, and 21 parliamentary seats, in Belgium's 1936 elections.






ps; so what's the point? The point is we've been bamboozled. And they've been busy destroying and degrading humans awareness and intelligence so as to make that bamboozlement permanent. Ultimately they fail, but time will tell when.


Events of rejection-resistance in the past only prove that the Spiritual Solution-is-The Final Solution... is the only one that will work. Everything else has been tried and failed.






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On 1/26/2023 at 4:35 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:


This Japanese channel has some, but the subtitles suddenly stop at certain points.




>"That is why, apart from the German original, there are very few English translations."

>"There is a history channel on youtube, translated into Japanese"


I can see why elites want to replace the Japanese now.

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