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Is DeSantis Being Groomed For U.S. President?


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False dichotomy. Ordo-Ab-Chao.








Very shady...appeals to the "Ra-Ra! USA-USA!-- "thank you for your service", military hero worship crap, Christian-Zionist god of war and annihilation crap of the "old testament"..."judeo-Christian" oxymoronic crap...


The US military is an instrument of a satanic consciousness, ESPECIALLY SINCE THE "FEDERAL RESERVE ACT " in 1913.





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7 hours ago, novymir said:

"Anti-semitism, blablabla...schools much teach about the "holocaust", blablabla...






DeSantis visits Israel in 3... 2... 1...


Americans will wake up someday and figure out what their system of politics really works like.


It'll probably be too late for them though.

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21 hours ago, dumbcritic said:

Another fake populist and strong supporter of Israel. Also, I think he has signed a number of anti-DBS/Semitic laws into effect.


They should give him a brick from the Wailing Wall so he can worship MOLECH without leaving the White House.

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Zionist("religion") versus Bolshevik("atheism")(technocracy) false dichotomy. "Republican" vs "Democrat" false dichotomy. Good cop -- bad cop...

Hegelian dialectic:::thesis--antithesis---synthesis.

Totally controlled, limited choice, and predetermined outcome.

ZIONIST FLORIDA GOV. DESANTIS: ANOTHER DOUBLE SPEAKING FORK TONGUE LIZARDhttps://odysee.com/@SkyDomeAtlantis:4/trim.1FE2A786-31DB-42B3-BE37-D5E33A040613:9






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