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47 minutes ago, SuperstarNeilC said:

This Christmas morning, murder-suicide at Kingdom Hall 



Fucking queue jumpers😳 but, on the bright side, there'll be  few families who won't have to jump out of bed and answer the door next Sunday🥱 How are the police so sure what happened? were there any witnesses?🤔 Jehovah's Witnesses are just another controlling cult, I've had people in the past who I've walked our dogs with over the South Downs who were Jehovah's Witnesses and most of them were right sanctimonious wankers!🖕 

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Interesting tidbit...


The next time a Jehovah's Witness appears at your doorstep, don't be surprised if you should find the male recruit no longer appearing as his former clean-shaven self.


Of interest to hear that JW men may now grow beards if they want and should they decide to, continue to remain in good standing within the organization.


News of this has no doubt caused many an ex-Witness beardie to want to laugh, and to perhaps reach for his electric shaver in order to be different.


For many years prior to this recent organizational change in policy, any man within the congregation who for whatever reason decided to grow a beard would've been looked down upon by his fellow spiritual brothers and sisters as one weak in the faith and semi-rebellious, and in all likelihood pulled aside by the elders and counseled for his 'unchristian' appearance.


Now, just like that, with a simple stroke of the pen, so to speak, it's OK for a JW man to grow a beard (so long as it's kempt, I presume, and neither shaggy nor bushy) and to still be viewed as an upstanding congregant and faithful servant of Jehovah. (Note: As of this writing, such is reportedly to be the present case.)


Who knew organized religion could be so farcical?


As for whether this go-ahead on the part of the movement's Governing Body applies to all male Witnesses throughout the entire earth or just to certain parts of the world is unknown to me.


Word is, however, that in areas where the green light has been given, more and more Witness men, young and old, are taking to the new look -- that no sooner had the announcement been made of beards being acceptable grooming, that peach fuzz and five o'clock shadows started appearing on the faces of teenage boys like never before, with many of their (equally enthusiastic) fathers quick to jump on this hairy bandwagon, as well...as if these JWs had all this time, privately in their hearts, disagreed with the hitherto organizational restriction on beards, despite their previous outward show of obedience to the contrary.


It makes you wonder what other religious prohibitions the rank-and-file members privately think to be pharisaical, if not downright unscriptural.


So I'm told, the former restriction on beards had to do with the Witnesses wanting to stand apart from the world and from the clergymen of Christendom.


Never-mind that the very god they profess to worship is depicted in their holy book as one appearing like your typical rabbi, and despite Jesus doubtless having been a beardie himself, and although the sect's founder, Charles Taze Russell, resembled Santa Clause, it was around the 1970s that the WTB&TS began to put the kibosh on beards. Apparently, the sect's leadership did not want their men looking like 'worldly' hippies and yet even neatly trimmed, close-shaven beards were also prohibited, or discouraged, during this period.


So the next time you hear your doorbell ring or a knock at your door and you open it to find some whiskered/goateed man in a suit toting an electronic tablet and claiming to be a JW, don't immediately write him off as an imposter, for he may very well be who he says he is.


As to whether it's permissible for a JW woman to wear a partially ingrown mustache, I do not know. And as to where all this is headed, whether the JW leadership is, via this latest policy change, trying to appeal to the younger generation, I also cannot say. It makes you wonder, though, what might be next in store. Will a JW one day awaken to learn that it's now okay to have a tattoo, so long as it's of modest size and the image presentable? Only time will tell.

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