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A Grumpy Kuntmas.


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Had one low alcohol beer already. Will continue later, after having consumed a second low alcohol beer. All it takes to get me pissed as a sailor nowadays.


Fuck the World! Let them know it's Kuntoff time!


It's Kuntoff time

There's every need to shit yourself

At Kuntoff time

I bring in dark and banish health


And in our world of plenty

I'll stick fukk you for more (Oh sod off you fartbag bore.)

Throw your lips around my cock

At Kuntoff time


But say a prayer

And please donate to all my other Bruvs

At Kuntoff time

It's easy when you're faking luv



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On 1/4/2023 at 5:52 PM, SkyBlueEyes said:

And my all time favourite Easter special.


Bloody hell. Don't go giving him any fresh ideas! I lost my own shot at the big time, due to downing a few low alcohol beers. ☹️


'It's Easter time...'



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