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'Undercover: Sexual Harassment -The Truth.'

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Did anyone else happen to catch this very silly documentary? It has to be one of the daftest documentaries I have seen in years. In short, a woman (journalist Ellie Flynn) plods around a couple of city centres on her own, late in the evening, when acting drunk. Some creeps then happen to try and take advantage of her. Wow. Afterwards, some random men are then invited to a room to review all of the video evidence. They are visibly shocked! The upshot? 'Men' need to be educated better! Ha ha ha ha ha. No amount of education will ever eradicate such creeps from society. All part of the overarching 'demasculisation of men' agenda and Ellie Flynn might not be aware of that, but still... And how she so firmly concluded that the men she filmed did indeed come through our education system, I don't really know. 





'Ellie Flynn goes undercover, exposing the harsh reality of sexual harassment against women and girls in Britain today, from 'dick pics' to being flashed, groped, spiked and raped.'





'Undercover: Sexual Harassment – The Truth review – so upsetting it should come with a trigger warning.'





'Viewers left shocked and ‘physically sick’ by ‘eye-opening’ sexual harassment documentary on Channel 4.'

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