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i am getting sick of these paid influencers who have infiltrated the truth movement

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an example,i went to the lichfield stand in the park group and got a really bad feeling about them,the main organisers seemed like they were hiding something and did the usual stuff like try to get you on to  join telegram and basically stand around talking crap ..anyway i said there was no group in my town and then the main organiser said have you not been to the burton liberation group in burton that meets at the albion hotel pub..i said no..so i decided to go to the next burton liberation meeting ,turned up at the pub and asked if burton liberation are here..landlord looked at me blankly and said there is a psychic group who meet up in the function room,oh that must be it i said so hung around until they turned up.Low and behold a woman ive known for 30 years turns up and was a very close friend yet she didnt bother telling me about the group when she knew i was looking to form one or join one..this same woman had split up a group i formed 10 years ago because she said a male member had touched her inappropiately at a salsa dance and  so she took all the women from the group and started another one..it was liked it had been contrived to destroy the group on purpose.Anyway this liberation group was full of vegan spiritualist types and  into common law stuff, only met once a month and that was it..for some reason i ended up getting banned ,i think it was because i had sussed that my friend i had known for 30 years was a paid influencer and i confronted her about it,she was also involved with the nottingham protest group led by mark ceylon and failed to tell me about that group too..i could go on about other strange stuff concerning piers corbyn but for now i will leave it at that.. 

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