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Ruled against David for Netherlands and Schengen


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13 minutes ago, kj35 said:

Absolutely disgraceful ruling today 

As David Icke states on his video about this ruling - he did not expect any other decision than the one that he got.


My take on this, and David Icke in his video also says something to the same effect, the ruling just adds to the fact that David is so close to the truth that there is a fear that he will spread it to others. This case has actually brought MORE attention to David Icke than perhaps if he had gone out there to speak. In addition the actual banning of "one man" must surely make one or two more sit up and question the situation.


Having said that, on the basis of the last couple of "sheeple" that I have encountered when I tried to begin to outline why the "key" thing in this "covid" scam was the FRAUDULENT pcr test they did not want to know. They had been "triple jabbed" now and what could they do about it. They did NOT want to hear my explanation about the situation. It had happened and they repeated what could they now do? 


I was not quite sure how to deal with that answer. Any helpful suggestions appreciated. 


note: my reference "so close" to the truth just gives a small element where David could have got a very minor point wrong. I know of one but it it is so small and insignificant now. In fact a 0.01% less than the danger of that so called thing that was supposed to be deadly to people! Some of you might be familiar with the 99% reference during marches in London.

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