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Has the forum been quieter the last 2 days?

Mikhail Liebestein

Has the forum been quieter the last 2 days?  

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  1. 1. If you've been away the last 2 days, why so?

    • Hangover after the footie?
    • Some members snapped up by the polizei for being in the Reichsbürgerbewegung?
    • Alien abduction / rapture?
    • Broken internet connection?

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Are things really getting worse, or has the world always been like this and we are just getting older and noticing it more? I believe with the overpopulation myth alot of people don't really care how the innocent get disposed of. In their own twisted minds they will believe child trafficking is a good thing because in the long run it will save the planet. We share this world with a bunch of nutters!

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SOME of the world just is not ready (incredulous as it may seem) and as I am tempted to say..... for either absence or presence.... It only knows ego and/or what is before a persons very own eyes, OR by social abstraction by what someone said about something (be it person or material) that someone told someone else which molds into fools gold & general idiocracy...

So alternatively from a multi pronged approach...... using just the number 1 😋..... just what sort of presence beyond ego, or hatred, should we be reaching for, or wanteth, is up to each of us to create a better world, and not soley dependent on this LANDSLIDE UPSTAGING forum (in certain topics let's suppose fairly accurate) for when opinion gets to be stupid like hate hate on Greta Thunberg be it whatever you argue as anybodys asinine point or jokery around that... AND also just maybe.... GET A LIFE!! .... ie. Quit hating. (just gets BOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRING) RANDOM???.... oh well so isn't that uncomforting likewise for the overly comforted by collective hate symbolic of lameness of character charade. Yes meaning different strokes for different folks without empty minded judgement.. Vent, vented.


Back on Topic:

Popular or Unpopular, is all subjective. Eitherway I side with Unpopular and not because I am Bi POPULAR 🤪, (joke) and that's why this early hour after the stroke of midnight I elected not to expand anyone's mind to let myself reveal a personal draft mind and instead to put in safe keeping, this, as I tried to traverse the mortal body and mind and to possibly entertain the masses (No, no, explore by yourself I am not your visionary or psychological experiment)......

However, since I am kind person....... Let me NOT explain (more than a nugget of wisdom).... 😛


For example... Here's a clue by what I effectively wrote as a letter to myself *ok, and the universe*..... IT IS SO,,, or was so intended... not because I am a professional lucid dreamer or anything majorly stupendous (although erudite in my own rite)....  but simply as unexpected as it once back was for me to become aware of this rock-upstarts connection, as heard back in the day, a something that was for me to learn at the time, a bit of surprise putting it mildly when I first cottoned onto to how could it be (~for example) Liam Gallagher became (and apparently always was!) inspired by John Lennon for example.... GREAT IN ESSENCE BUT TOTES UNEXPECTED, but as per this topic, as could be implied by wandering of souls in general worth more than a few errant granular thoughts on life, featuring ignorance for thus those with less an open mind (ie, the general public) ..........


......... anyway the point is once PERHAPS people get used to AN idea, it's all okay (if only because someone famous said so.... now think!)....

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On 12/12/2022 at 12:53 PM, Mikhail Liebestein said:

I've noticed a slight drop in engagement/activity in the last couple of days.


What is reason?


i) 2 day Hangover after the footie?

ii) Several members snapped up by German Polizei as part of the Reichsbürgerbewegung.

iii) Alien abduction/rapture?

iv) Broken internet?

Defo. It’s a gov task force posing as extremists, hijacking threads, dozens of new guests, identifying those that need identifying. warned him about it not two days ago after another so called TI went apeshit on giventoflys gangstalking thread, acting like he’d just had thousands of £ shoved up his ass by an unknown payroll. Suppose I shud take my own advice by shutting the fuck up and getting out of here for a while. Remember- they’re coming for everyone and everything. 🤠

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14 hours ago, Puzzle said:

It's exhausting being in a place that's invaded with the cunts who want to kill us.

well,sorry to say but,that's theirs plan from the strat


it's up to you to persist,just like they do 

( some of them have orders,so i guess it's not hard for them when they are brain dead anyway)


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