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Did COMPUTER MODELLING Cause The CHAOS Of The Last 20 Years?

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32 minutes ago, pi3141 said:

No, if he says that, I disagree. (I watched most of it)


There are simple things that can be put in place to level up or improve our system.


You didn't say how much better it has to be.


I can think of an easy solution that would distribute wealth more fairly in both Capitalist and Communist systems.


Of course, it would first involve, as sockmuppet stated the other day, the removal of the psychopaths in power.


Developing the system part is easy, putting it in place, freaking impossible with current mindset indoctrinated into society.


I actually think that many people are aware to some degree but choose to stay silent out of fear of harrassment, financial ruin or other negative consequences.


The U.S. attacked Iraq and Afghanistan to create WORLDWIDE FEAR in my opinion.


"If we can KILL 20 MILLION PEOPLE on a whim in the Middle East, then surely we can KILL ITTY BITTY YOU AS WELL?"


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2 hours ago, Scott Kirkland said:

If he was talking shit about Russia, They would let him talk for as long as he wanted.


"Vladimir Putin has incurable arse cancer. You can tell by the way he is sitting so still in his chair in this interview."



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Next? Teenage Mutant Tranny Turtles? Spiderperson vs Doctor Hetero? Buttman: The Purple Disco-Knight? Vagina Steele: Justice Investigator?





Marvel Comics will introduce two transgender mutant superheroes next month as part of a marketing campaign aimed at transgender and nonbinary children.


The June 22 comic book “Marvel Voices: Pride #1” will feature Shela Sexton, also known as “Escapade,” alongside best friend, Morgan Red, and a genetically modified flying turtle, named Hibbert.



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BIG DATA made - low estimate - at least $117 Billion in 2021 from the unauthorized auctioning of peoples' data:




On average, per day, a person’s data is shared 747 times in the USA and 376 times in Europe, the ICCL report found. Combined, this comes to an average of 294 billion broadcasts per day in the US, 197 billion a day in Europe, and a staggering 178 trillion per year in the US and Europe combined, the report claims.

In the US, the hardest-hit residents were in Colorado, with an estimated 987 RTB broadcasts daily, whereas the District of Columbia came out the lightest at 486. UK residents were the most exposed in Europe at 462 broadcasts daily, whereas Romania had the least at 149.


However, the report explains that “We regard the figures presented for RTB broadcasts as a low estimate. The industry figures on which we rely do not include Facebook or Amazon RTB broadcasts.”


Google was identified by the report as the biggest RTB company, allowing 4,698 firms in the US and 1,058 in Europe to access RTB data. In a statement sent to TechCrunch, a Google spokesperson said that “We don’t share personally identifiable information and we also don’t show ads based on sensitive information, such as health, race, or religion. We require publishers to prove they have people’s consent before showing any personalised ads and have done for many years.”



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9 minutes ago, Truthblast said:

NATO nuclear submarines stuffed full of ICBMs lurking in every sea and waterway of the globe, and 4 bombers briefly in the air are 'reason for grave concern'.



Your right, When i was in the RAF we did this all the time. Always fun chasing subs in the channel or atlantic sea. Then sometimes flying near Russian airspace bleeping there radar.

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Coming to you from the genius who removed dislikes from Youtube:





At the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting for 2022, an event where powerful CEOs and world leaders meet to “find solutions to the world’s most urgent challenges,” YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki committed to persistent censorship of “misinformation” and praised YouTube’s existing censorship efforts.


Wojcicki made the comments after Alyson Shontell Lombardi, the Editor-in-Chief of Fortune Magazine, asked her whether YouTube’s efforts to censor misinformation will always be a “work in progress.”


“I think there’ll always be work that we have to do because there will always be incentives for people to be creating misinformation,” Wojcicki said. “The challenge will be to keep staying ahead of that and make sure that we are understanding what they are and the different ways that people may use to try to trick our systems and make sure that our systems are staying ahead of what’s necessary to make sure that we are managing that.”


Wojcicki continued by praising YouTube’s 5-6 year initiative of cracking down on content that’s deemed to be misinformation and said that users who look at YouTube search results or the homepage will see content from “authoritative sources” (mainstream media outlets that YouTube designates as authoritative) for “sensitive topics.”

Earlier in the conversation, Wojcicki said YouTube is “investing a huge amount to make sure that we’re fighting misinformation” and discussed the various ways YouTube is cracking down on misinformation. She pointed to YouTube introducing 10 COVID censorship policies, YouTube’s policy of not recommending “borderline content” which doesn’t break YouTube’s rules but is deemed to be “lower quality,” and YouTube’s policy of demonetizing content that’s deemed to be “propagating something that is generally understood as not accurate information.”


Wojcicki also talked about YouTube’s violative view rate (VVR) – a metric that shows how many views come from content that violates YouTube’s rules. The metric indicates how swiftly YouTube is censoring content. A low VVR signals that most of the content YouTube removes is being taken down before viewers have a chance to watch it.

Wojcicki noted that just 10-12 views of every 10,000 come from violative content and that this number has “come down significantly” over time.

“Our plan is to continue to work on it and make sure that we continue to reduce that,” Wojcicki added.


Wojcicki’s commitment to always crackdown on misinformation echoes her and the platform’s previous vows to censor misinformation. Days ago, Wojcicki promised to tackle “misinformation” to win over corporate cash. And earlier this year, she said: “Tackling misinformation and other harmful content is a top priority.”

YouTube has already deleted more than a million videos for “COVID misinformation,” plans to preemptively censor “new misinformation,” and has considered hiding the share button to prevent misinformation spread.

If you're tired of censorship, cancel culture, and the erosion of civil liberties subscribe to Reclaim The Net.
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1 hour ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

Yeah those damn conspiracy theorists, exposing the lies everywhere and posting what's actually going on. What a pain they are.


The truth is bad for society.


We need to all listen to what the Kardashians have to say.


Now go watch some advertising.

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6 x 6 x 6 = 216  An unholy number...





Another 36 children have fallen sick in the mysterious hepatitis outbreak, health chiefs revealed Wednesday — after six deaths were linked to the illness.


It brings the tally of children affected by the liver inflammation to 216 across 37 states, with Mississippi and Utah the latest to be added to the growing list. 


No new deaths or liver transplants were reported over the last seven days, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed in their weekly update with the totals remaining at 14 and six respectively. 


The agency has not revealed where the fatalities occurred due to 'confidentiality issues', but at least one was registered in Wisconsin health chiefs in the state say.

Globally, the U.S. has recorded the most fatalities and suspected cases out of any nation — although this may be because of stronger surveillance here.


Indonesia has reported five deaths in the outbreak, while both Palestine and Israel have registered one each.


Scientists say it will still be weeks before the cause of the cases is revealed, although the CDC continues to consider an adenovirus infection — which can trigger the common cold — as the most likely cause.


The outbreak may also be the result of weakened immunity due to lockdowns which harmed people's immunity, experts warn.



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Bon apetit!




The building of the world’s largest bioreactors to produce cultivated meat has been announced, with the potential to supply tens of thousands of shops and restaurants. Experts said the move could be a “gamechanger” for the nascent industry.


The US company Good Meat said the bioreactors would grow more than 13,000 tonnes of chicken and beef a year. It will use cells taken from cell banks or eggs, so the meat will not require the slaughter of any livestock.


There are about 170 companies around the world working on cultured meat, but Good Meat is the only company to have gained regulatory approval to sell its product to the public. It began serving cultivated chicken in Singapore in December 2020.


Cattle, chicken and other livestock have a huge environmental impact due to methane emissions, the destruction of forests and water use. The consumption of conventional meat in rich nations must fall dramatically to beat the climate crisis, scientists say. Proponents of cultivated meat say it can provide the same taste and feel as conventional meat but with a far smaller environmental impact.


The creation of Good Meat’s 10 new bioreactors is under way, the company says, each of which has a capacity of 250,000 litres and will stand four storeys tall, far bigger than any constructed to date. The US site for the facility is due to be finalised within three months and operational in late 2024, reaching 11,800 tonnes a year by 2026 and 13,700 tonnes by 2030.


The bioreactors are being manufactured as part of an agreement with ABEC, a leading bioprocess equipment manufacturer, which is also making a 6,000-litre bioreactor for Good Meat’s Singapore site – this is scheduled to begin production in early 2023 and will itself be the biggest cultured meat bioreactor installed to date.


“I think our grandchildren are going to ask us about why we ate meat from slaughtered animals back in 2022,” said Josh Tetrick, the chief executive of Good Meat’s parent company, Eat Just.


“Cultivated meat matters because it will enable us to eat meat without all the harm, without bulldozing forests, without the need to slaughter an animal, without the need to use antibiotics, without accelerating zoonotic diseases.


“The bioreactors will be far and away the largest, not only in the cultivated meat industry, but in the biopharma industry too. So the design and engineering challenges are significant, the capital investments are significant and the potential to take another step toward shifting society away from slaughtered meat is significant.”


One issue will be to ensure that the meat cells grow as well in large reactors as they do in the smaller ones used so far.


Cultivated meat has not yet been approved for sale by the US Food and Drug Administration. “We’ve submitted our application,” said Tetrick. “We’ve found the agency to be fully engaged, asking all the questions you’d expect, from cell identification to final product. We’d prefer not to try to predict if and when [approval] will occur.” Tetrick also said the company had produced a cell growth serum that does not require the use of bovine foetuses, which were previously widely used.

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Was the Great Pyramid of Giza really the tomb of Pharaoh Kufu?


Or did British Colonel Vyse simply have Kufu's name painted into the top apartment of the burial chamber in the 1800s, to cover up the fact that the Great Pyramid has, in fact, nothing to do whatsoever to do with Pharaoh Kufu?






PART 2: (Conspiracy And Coverup)





(Part 3 is supposed to be coming soon)



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European police agency Europol on Friday warned of a “current and future threat” from 3D-printed weapons, an increasing number of which have been seized across the continent.


“The threat posed by 3D-printed weapons is very much on the radar of Europol, amid the growing number of such firearms being seized in investigations across Europe in recent years,” it said in a statement.


Europol, which invited more than 120 law-enforcement professionals, ballistic experts, forensic scientists, policymakers and academics to a special conference in The Hague this week, said international cooperation was “crucial to be able to counter the threat”.


In 2019, two people were shot dead in Halle, Germany, by an attacker using a homemade weapon. It was partly manufactured with a 3D printer using a blueprint downloaded from the internet, Europol said.

In April 2021, Spanish police raided and dismantled an illegal workshop for 3D-printed weapons in the Canary Islands, seizing two 3D printers, gun parts, a replica assault rifle and several manuals on urban guerrilla warfare and white supremacist literature.

The owner of the workshop was arrested and charged with illegal possession of weapons.


A month later, two men and one woman were arrested in the town of Keighley, United Kingdom, as part of an investigation into right-wing terrorism.

All three were charged with possessing components of 3D-printed weapons.


Europol said the conference this week was “one of the world’s biggest platforms of exchange on the threat of 3D printed weapons.”


“Such a challenge can only be addressed by combining the expertise, resources and insights of law enforcement, the private sector and academia to get such guns off the streets,” said Europol expert Martin van der Meij.

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Can't stop the signal...They missed the boat on this one..check out the FGC9 ...now they resort to alarmist tactics...White supremacist ? (notice how they got that one in)Bazooka's ? ffs....An unarmed popuace is no threat and the gun grab will happen in the USA

It's only going to get worse folks...get your ender 3s quick whilst you can

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