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Did COMPUTER MODELLING Cause The CHAOS Of The Last 20 Years?

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8 hours ago, RidgyDidgy said:

bet you they don't operate the same

wish they would stop with the frankenstine stuff . Science has fast become a religion which instead of worshipping a god, they worship science and play god. That sort of stuff can't end well.


Its "king" Nebuchadnezzar all over again.


Lets see how long Tower of Babel 2.0 stands...

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In Avatar 1 they flipped YHWH upside down and had pagan "Mother Goddess" EYWA instead, inside a glowing Purple tree.


In Avatar 2 singer the Weeknd appears to be singing his loyalty to the Anti-Christ and how "armies from above" - an Army of Angels - cannot deter him or somesuch.


Good grief Hollywood...   🤣



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If you are poor, rejoice!


Silicon Valley will pay you a whopping 50 bucks a month to LEGALLY SPY on your ENTIRE DIGITAL ACTIVITY:





The startup, Caden Inc., operates an app by the same name that helps users download their data from apps and servicesâ"whether thatâ(TM)s Amazon.com Inc. or Airbnb Inc. â"into a personal âoevault.â Users who consent to share that data for advertising purposes can earn a cut of the revenue that the app generates from it. They also can access personal analytics based on that data....

Caden, which has been testing with a limited group of users, plans to begin a public beta test of 10,000 users early next year.... One option in the public beta test will anonymize and pool the data before sharing it with outside parties in exchange for $5 to $20 a month, according to Caden founder and Chief Executive John Roa. The amount of compensation will be determined by a âoedata scoreâ reflecting factors such as whether consumers answer demographic survey questions and which apps and servicesâ(TM) data consumers are sharing. Consumers will eventually be given the option to share more specific information for more tailored advertising. A marketer could then form audience segments and tailor their ad targeting and messaging to those groups. For instance, a user could consent to sharing his ride-share history so advertisers could create segments of people who ride a certain amount. That would eventually pay consumers up to $50 a month, Caden said.

A third option would let advertisers take a direct action based on the data that Caden understands about a specific user. If a consumer were part of a department storeâ(TM)s loyalty program, for example, the store might reward her for sharing her individual Amazon shopping history and use it to provide more personalized offers.ÂThat could generate thousands of dollars a year for participating users, the company said.

 Caden also hopes that the data it can aggregate will be compelling for consumers. Users could search for restaurants theyâ(TM)ve eaten at in a certain city, for instance, or how much they spent in certain categories across different apps, executives said. âoeItâ(TM)s like Spotify Wrapped for your whole life,â said Amarachi Miller, Cadenâ(TM)s head of product, referring to the streaming music serviceâ(TM)s year-end distillation of each userâ(TM)s listening....

Caden said it will initially sell only anonymized and aggregated data that doesnâ(TM)t tie back to individuals. As it starts to let brands do more personal promotions for users, it said it will let users see which brands and partners itâ(TM)s working with, and will let users control which brands can access their information.


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- Saakashvili's lawyers claim he is being poisoned with heavy metals

- Zelenskiy has put out a video message calling for him to be allowed to go to Europe or America for "treatment"

- As usual its Voldemort Pootin' who appears to be the "bad guy"

- The Rothschild's must be laughing their gold plated asses off while snacking on caviar and French cheese



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Apparently Twitter fast growing alternative Mastodon has had FIVE funding offers from Silicon Valley VC firms.


It turned them down to stay FREE:




Twitter rival Mastodon has rejected more than five investment offers from Silicon Valley venture capital firms in recent months, as its founder pledged to protect the fast-growing social media platform’s non-profit status.


Mastodon, an open-source microblogging site founded in 2016 by German software developer Eugen Rochko, has seen a surge in users since Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion in October amid concerns over the billionaire’s running of the social media platform.



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Since the Musk 'takeover' of Twitter, I've seen a few MSM articles promoting 'alternatives' to Twitter, and Mastodon has popped up a couple of times.


I've heard of it before, but to be honest, I'm rapidly losing interest in these social media 'platforms', although the concept behind Mastodon - being a decentralised platform - is an interesting one.


If they had sold out to any Silicon Valley 'investor' then the whole point of the concept would end up lost. So I'm glad they've resisted.


Maybe now the MSM 'promotion' will come to an end.

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They need to stir up more conflict in the never ending Israeli Palestinian saga I suppose?





Palestinians have condemned a visit to a contested holy site in Jerusalem by a far-right Israeli minister as an "unprecedented provocation".


National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, who has called for a harder line towards the Palestinians, walked around the site surrounded by police.


Competing claims to the compound bitterly divide Israel and the Palestinians.


Tensions have risen with the advent of Israel's new nationalistic government.

Mr Ben-Gvir's visit was his first public act since the government, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was sworn in five days ago.


The hilltop site is the most sacred place in Judaism and third holiest in Islam. It is known to Jews as the Temple Mount, site of two Biblical temples, and to Muslims as Haram al-Sharif, the site of Muhammad's ascent to Heaven. The entire compound is considered to be al-Aqsa Mosque by Muslims.


Jews and other non-Muslims are allowed to go the compound but not pray, though Palestinians see visits by Jews as attempts to change the delicate status quo.


Mr Ben-Gvir, leader of the Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) party, has long said that he wants to bring about a change to the rules to allow Jewish worship at the site.


"The Temple Mount is open to everyone," he tweeted, accompanied by a photograph of him surrounded by a security cordon with the golden Dome of the Rock in the background.

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How about everyone adopting the following terms for 2023:


1] Conspiracy Deniers


2] Anti-Truthers


3] Man of the Sheeple (or Woman of the Sheeple, etc)


4] Freedom Forfeiters


5] New World Overlords


If we all start using these terms then that puts the people who they apply to on the back foot.


Keep Fighting in 2023 people!







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Actually, the symbolism would mean a replacement of, and an abolition of what was seen as perfidious in Germany.

The "freemasons" and others don't own "symbology", they hijack it.



Death to the lie(Marxism and high-finance are enemies)



Triumph of Truth




InversionWorld...aka; Never Never Land



Get it?

"...narrow is the gate..."



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