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Mysterious handbags

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In my opinion they are carrying waterbuckets. In this instance  the waterbuckets represents the "vessels" or the "initiate"and the water  represents the "blood" and the "gods" holding the vessel trough an an encompassing grip represents that they are sealing or stamping the initiate with their supremacy which enables them  supreme control of the vessel/ initiate that the blood is offered to. Its symbolic of the Illuminati bloodlines that the serpents breed to act on their behalf as per the ancient maxim "divine right to rule".

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I developed a theory on this recently. It's a bit involved and requires a knowledge primer but that's the process that generated my realisation so I'll paste the entire thing here so it's in the fullest context possible:












Fruits of Eden




Considering the poisons such as arsenic and cyanide that are present in fruit seeds, and considering there was both the tree of life and the tree of knowledge within Eden. We know that God instructed A&E to eat only the tree of life.




Is it rational to suggest that through eating the fruit of the tree of life they were continually activating certain genes that turned off the aging impulse, the vulnerability of the immune system, and whilst making one infertile, they remained highly virile?




Then once they had eaten the other fruit, which is a concentrated poison, they had from a single bite ingested enough concentrated poison to permanently switch off all of these divine immortality genes.




I think that makes a lot of sense personally. And if you think about the way genetic inheritance works, it's likely to me that should my previous statement be accurate it would account for the extended lifespans that were present not just in ancient Christianity but most of the ancient world.




Because if Adam passed on the genes which though largely switched off in other regards, still granted extended lifespans through a profoundly slowed down ageing process. It seems to indicate a staged breakdown in the bioavailability of the original longevity genes through the lifespans that shrunk down to being limited at 120 just before the deluge.




Then if you had most of the world population wiped away in the deluge, both the species of tree and the other beings in the world who had absorbed their higher genealogy in order to be able to create an advanced yet corrupted ancient worldwide civilisation could have all gone extinct, with only the tiniest remnant surviving in the Adamic line and certain other genealogies that re-seeded the other races. 




It's possible that only those with this level of genetic potential could devise a way to survive the deluge along with whomever else they could manage to shelter and that's actually stated directly in the epic of Gilgamesh.




THEN BANG it hit me. What is the bird God around the ancient world holding and pointing like: "see this, you want this, right? I bet you do, it's my demi God fuel and you can't have any. Worship me and drink my piss and you can serve me for longer than you deserve to live." That's what he's saying in every depiction. Here's my secret. A fruit. Which also explains why we don't know about it. Because every culture was smashed apart and it was only the elites who knew which tree produced the fruit and likely sought control of every single one. So that's why in the other hand is a bag. It's what they bring to say, "serve me in all things and I will give you something nice from my bag here, it will make you more like me and you will rule over your peers. They will serve you and you will serve me. The fruit only comes from my bag." If this was such a closely guarded secret it's likely they wanted it depicted yet not able to be comprehended. The symbolism is perfect. The bag lower in subservience. In sacrifice you will find yourself approaching the level to recieve the gift. The fruit pointed and raised, almost as one would sight through a sextant, for example. Make this the goal of your life, for you to move forward in strength, you need this and you need it to lead your decisions. But you can only attain what is elevated once you have attained that which is subservient. Bow to me.




The dominant symbol post this period has been the all seeing eye, which itself represents the fruit of the tree of knowledge, the yin to the yang of the fruit of life which itself defined a human epoch of dominance by giving those with the will the physical means to enact it.




 The inverse is those with the knowledge being able to control and harness the wills of others without using physical means, which usually means they perpetrate it against people who also lack the physical means to prevent them doing this. That's why it's still on the money. It's still the fruit of knowledge, the empowerment of idea instead of morality, as without the ability to become subjugated, as one with access to divine genealogy, one's reality would be defined precisely by one's own morality. In the inverse one's reality becomes defined by who one relies upon those one trusts for their knowledge and the structures of their life. Which is incredibly useful if you want to run a country, found a cult or start a revolution.




One final thought. If you take the superfoods and psychoactive producing plants, is it possible they represent the remnant of the original divine ecology? As in the divine fruit splicing wildly into things like herbs, in order to create cannabis for example, and things like peyote and ayahuasca. It would be rational to assume that should my assertion about the only survivability for the sentient beings coming from this connection that the same could be true of the plants, in a sense, though their extiction event would not have been as total, the ones that survived with the divine imprint would have been incredibly resilient, which is true of at least the plants that I mentioned. But I don't speak plant, even though if you ask me my religion I will say it is "Of Trees".

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