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Animals going round in circles , birds, fish, farm animals, insects


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On 11/23/2022 at 4:21 PM, Human10 said:


4g... When I'm close to 5G I feel like I was going to faint... 


Have you printed the 1st image in the post I made?



It is supposed to take the vertical wave out of harmful 4/5G, wifi etc.

Print it out and stick it on yourself facing out and go to where you felt faint and see if it makes any difference.

You might as well experiment yourself...it's all part of the fun. 🤪


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17 hours ago, Athenry04 said:

It's crazy, I'm not sure if it's emf or not, I'm no expert, but it defo has that biblical feel going on.

Remember, animals are very sensitive to environmental change and honest. If it's an artificial like 4/5G there will be physical effects like not producing enough milk etc as in the case in Switzerland. They would be dying out like the one Human10 posted. The fact that they are not going crazy but in circle means that they like the feeling this spot creates. They would not be there if they didn't like it. So I am more inclined to say, some kind of powerspot has formed and they like the feeling. If you been to a powerspot, you'd feel good, ailment like pain would be gone. Unfortunately, I don't think there are places like that in the UK because most places like that exist in places where you find many volcanic activities.


I think it would be interesting to see where all these are happening on a map then we could make a guess.

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OK, so now I am thinking they might be suffering from some kind of shedding, perhaps nerve damage from Covid vaxx?

This thread is from 2008 and vaxx is mentioned.






Do possums run in circles?

In short, normal possums don’t circle. A circling animal usually means a neurological problem.




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what they are failing to tell us is that the earth magnetic poles is shifting as planned and soon will settle down how long i do not know.  Also some intelligence has been draining our Sun which explains the whiteness of it, this has an impact on earth as well. 


Just my two cents

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Circles of Sheep...


Q.  Why are the sheep in China walking in circles for days at a time?  What is going on?

A.  When I focus on this I hear the word "prion."  I understand that prions are a key component to mad cow disease and impact the brain.  I see that something artificial and fast spreading was given to a sheep via some kind of normal maintenance routine.  It involved "prions" in some way.

China is also a testing ground for 5G... I sense that 5G combined with these "prions" in the brain are having an adverse, almost "zombie" reaction.  The two things are not uniquely exclusive.

I get that this is just another attack on farmers and people who raise animals.  They are determined to impact all meat supplies and farms.  I see them taking the impacted sheep and euthanizing them to "control the spread."  I sense this will be the gateway to anther version of "bug."


I also get that it is no coincidence that it is sheep under attack.  "Ewe" is "You" is a female sheep and blind followers are "Sheeple."  I will leave you with that...   


I'd pay close attention and see how this story develops.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  

Love and light, 


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