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The inversion continues - Labour's Keir Starmer pushes 'conservative' idea?

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Just when you thought things couldn't get more inverted, Labour leader Keir Starmer came out today with something you would normally expect to hear from a 'conservative' politician.


We must wean economy off immigration, Labour leader warns businesses


The days of "cheap labour" must end to wean the UK off its "immigration dependency", Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has told business leaders.

Sir Keir called for a plan to train British workers and move the economy away from its "low-pay model".

But he accepted the need for skilled foreign workers and promised a "pragmatic" approach to immigration.

He later refused to commit to lower immigration overall, saying he was against a "fixed number".

Speaking to BBC political editor Chris Mason, he said under his approach levels would come down "in some areas" - but added: "I don't want to hold back the skills that we need in this country.

"Over the last few years, we've had arbitrary figures plucked out of the air, and that hasn't worked for anyone," he said.

From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-63707941


Indeed this kind of policy is one that even the likes of UKIP have had in their previous election manifestos!


It's a bit of a turnaround for the Labour party, and no doubt some factions within his party will get a bit upset and fractious with Starmer as a result.

It was Tony Blair's Labour government from 1997 to 2010 that famously opened up the UK's borders to all and sundry and allowed the influx of 'cheap' migrant labour, especially from poorer countries within the EU.


The Conservatives from 2010 onwards have failed to get a grip on immigration despite their own manifesto pledges to reduce net migration to 'tens of thousands'.


As the Conservatives become less conservative and more socialist/communist, I find it surprising that it is the Labour leader who is pushing a right-wing policy.


But then again, there is probably a reason for all this, I still think we're heading for a General Election next year, and this is exactly the kind of 'false promise' that will tempt disaffected Tory voters to vote Labour instead.

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