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Harley Pasternak - MK-Ultra Handler And Chem-Drug Brutalizer Of Mega-Celebrities?


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Great video by Amazing Polly: (note - starts a bit slow but then really goes places)




- Pasternak is supposed to be a Jewish "Celebrity Health Coach" in LA who grew up in "a typical Ashkenazi family"

- His clients include Arianna Grande, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Rihanna and TONS of other Mega-Celebs

- Kanye West has recently tweeted that Harley Pasternak THREATENED via text message to "Have him medicated again and sent to Zombieland forever this time" if Kanye doesn't submit to his demands

- Upon closer examination, the medicine trained Pasternak worked in the past with the Department of Defense on testing the effects of various Psychoactive drugs on the minds of both everyday people and soldiers. He boasts that he had "great freedom" to test whatever he wants and that "the rules didn't really apply to him"

- He is also affiliated with a Private Clinic where mind-drugs like Psilocybin and MDMA are tested, and which appears to be funded by the same govt agency which funded the original MK-Ultra program

- Pasternak appears to have a deep background in MIND-ALTERING drugs, and has CRAPTONS OF FAMOUS CELEBRITIES AS HIS CLIENTS


This man appears to be not a health coach at all, but rather an MK-ULTRA HANDLER OF MANY WELL-KNOWN CELEBRITIES IN LOS ANGELES. A DRUGGER and CONTROLLER.


It appears the HE was behind Kanye West "GOING CRAZY" and being INSTITUTIONALIZED and declared BI-POLAR.




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am guessing harley has been conditioned himself at some point. wondering if he just considers himself a normal professional or he knows consciously that he's a handler and controls/influences people in a malicious way.

He works for a magic mushroom company, they make pharmaceutical isolations or synthetics and use the mushroom for profit. they don't seem holistic in anyway or natural based. It's more like 'what can we get from nature' rather then 'how can we work with nature'

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On 11/15/2022 at 4:39 PM, TheConsultant said:

Theres a link to a pdf by Brice Taylor called Thanks for the Memories in the comments of the above link. 


I have read many pdf's on new world order, mind control, ritual abuse etc and although some parts were shocking I managed to finish them.


However that pdf by Brice was beyond vomit inducing and I had to delete it not even a quarter of the way, when she goes into the repressed memories of her childhood.


She also mentions JFK as one of the high level paedo abusers (along with Reagan and King of Paedos Bush) which I was a bit surprised by since so many paint JFK to be a hero. I guess even some of the heroes of America have a sick satanic side to them.

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