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US Mid-Term Elections 2022 – Results and Opinions

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It’s going to be very interesting to see what happens in the US mid-term elections – will the vote be “stolen?” Will the Republicans gain control of the Senate? Who cares?

But ultimately what does it mean for the average US citizen... here’s Jon Rappoport’s take on it before the final results are declared...


Here's how to judge the election results; forget the usual categories

Jon Rappoport


Given that the US economy is SERIOUSLY teetering on the brink, here’s how to assess the election results today.


CATEGORY ONE: Those winners who are relentlessly pro Dutch windmills and sunny-day-roof-panels as the source of our energy supply now.


CATEGORY TWO: Those winners who are relentlessly pro oil as the source of our energy supply now.


CATEGORY THREE: The numbers of winners who are dupes, pimps, whores, race hustlers, sniveling obedient followers, big bullshit grinning idiots, corporate sell-outs, victims of demonstrable brain damage, people who would be lucky to land a job pumping gas in Death Valley if they weren’t Congressional legislators…who attach themselves to Category One or Two.


Then you’ll know where we stand. For the moment.


And the moment is vital, because if the big diesel trucks stop rolling, we all stop.

That’s the situation.


The windmill-sun-panel replacement theory of energy is a) a tale told by an idiot and b) a plan to take down the country and put it right in the shitter.

There’s your PhD in economics.



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So... Kari Lake “defeated” and Katie Hobbs “wins” the election despite having  7 TIMES less followers on social media and some very weird results showing up overall in the election. Reports of voting machines breaking down, votes going missing etc etc.  A huge amount of voter disgruntlement.


David Sorensen at StopWorldControl has been trying to get a video out with important information about this but appears to be getting blocked through the regular channels. It’s worth a look with some interesting evidence presented about how the elections have been rigged.


Have a watch, make your own mind up, you can access it via this link: 



alternatively, you can view it here on the StopworldControl site:: 




It will be very interesting to see how this plays out, particularly with other events that are happening in the news at the moment.


Hopefully Patrick Henningsen will be covering this in depth on the UK Column news at some point too.

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Most of us said back in 2020 that even the pretence of democracy has gone forever. There will never again be any opposition - whether legitimate or in on the script.


It's all designed to demoralise as we head towards a world system without elections.

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