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Pratt Handcock I’m a Celebrity - 🤔 How can we humanise our demons? 😷 - Give them a Mask 🎭


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On 11/12/2022 at 11:34 AM, rebornsteve said:

I think this latest substack from Robert Malone works here based on the above discussions. It’s bloody spot on imho..


Two Possible Futures for Humanity

Is the dark WEF globalist transhuman future dystopia inevitable?


“We're approaching a juncture, and this is really a bifurcation into possible futures. One of those futures will take us toward a centralized form of government. It's more or less like a hive. A certain cohort of elites are going to be in charge and everybody else is going to be... They'll be the overclass and everybody else will be a kind of underclass, which serves them and does pretty much what they're told.

On the other hand, we can go in another direction, which is to distribute responsibility and decision making power over everybody. And of course, that takes enhanced intelligence and responsibility.”



“Parasitic divergences have occurred many times in history, but the present one is different. Due to the double whammy of globalization and powerful surveillance and coercion technology, the one now in progress is geographically ubiquitous and quite possibly irreversible. If humanity is to save itself from the insectile, hive-like future associated with a Tech Singularity, the Human Singularity must prevail, empowering mankind to exert sufficient control over the production, distribution, and application of technology to prevent its unlimited oligarchical abuse.”




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Stage Script - Biblical Games




Ezekiel 9:4


In order to sigh and cry successfully, we must believe God. This is vital! In this context, it means that we need to believe how He defines sin. For instance, we must never come to think that "weeping for Tammuz" (Ezekiel 8:13-14) is really not all that bad. God calls it an abomination! If He calls it that, that is exactly what it is, and we need to accept His definition

What the Bible says about Weeping for Tammuz 


“Good Mourning” Tammuz 



Ishtar goddess

She is the goddess of love and sexuality, and thus, fertility; she is responsible for all life, but she is never a Mother goddess. As the goddess of war, she is often shown winged and bearing arms. Her third aspect is celestial; she is the planet Venus, the morning and evening star.

The Jackson 5 - I Want You Back 



Open Your Heart



Queen of the Night



Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Official) ft. Juicy J



OMICRON Coronae Borealis...Crowned Serpent Star & the Ashtaroth "Nomad Soul" Bowie Vid Game!



Orion Blinded



Orion Blinded





Drowning Pool feat. Rob Zombie – The Man Without Fear





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Meant to add to this about Hancock's fear of snakes, which I thought was so 'loaded'. 


This is snips from one news section; 


Matt Hancock scores 7 stars on ITV I'm A Celeb snake challenge. 


... as he tried to unlock stars hidden away in "hell holes" on either side of him.


The challenge, which marks his sixth trial, required him to find 11 stars in 11 minutes. 


... where a snake attempted to strike him at at eye level.


In the end, Hancock secured seven out of a possible 11 stars.


Also Hancock often or is it always ... wears a pink tie, just like Blair ... and had one on when he went back to parliament. 

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23 hours ago, Observations said:

Matt Hancock resigns -"wearing his pink Blair' tie?

I wonder what the symbolic reference is with the Pink tie? Still signifying the war on the heart?

Classic inversion as it’s supposed to represent him allowing his heart to rule his mind hence the affair.
It’s all smoke a mirrors and a psychological ploy and is subversive.



This guy doesn’t deserve to “resign” this is just an attempt, of an obnoxious reminder of “where the power resides” by those behind this.

This would have been all decided when Rishi didn’t shake his hand, that was script, an attempt to not associate his role with peoples resentment of this Hancock and what they had planned, so he would be psychologically distanced.


It deserves to be a noose or he should be dragged kicking and screaming and held down in the Thames until it freezes over, placed inside museum as a constant reminder to children of what it is to be a complete and utter arsehole and what they absolutely do not want to become. It maybe propaganda but it would be good propaganda…



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