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Guest Gone Fishing...

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Howdy people!



I find this forum and thought i should register and jump in to rabbit hole😎  I dont know you, and you dont know me, but let`s try this still ?

Hopefully i will find the coffee machine in the hall, with some cookies 😃


Dinner served at what time ? 😋



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Hello! YouTube truther and instagramer regarding Bible conspiracies, gematria, astrology, archeocryptology, 432hz music, ancient aliens, reptilians satanic symbolism, & Shakespeare authorship theories mostly regarding Francis Bacon the founder of Speculative freemasonry and his hundreds of cyphers in the plays and sonnets. Hope yall are having a pleasant day during these end times:>

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I would like to welcome these new members .... all joined beginning 4:16 pm today .... hi, hope you will be posting?


And I am sure the mods will be interacting with you all :)


Strange you all joined at the same time (or within a one by one consideration) and your use of 'name' .... rather strange!! lol



First below joined 4:16pm 29-06023



joined 4:18


joined 4:19


joined 4:23


joined 4:24


joined 4:29


joined 4:30


joined 4:33


joined 4:39


joined 4:39


joined 4:40


joined 4:40


joined 4:41


joined 4:43


joined 4:47


joined 4:50


joined 4:53


joined 4:55


joined 4:58


joined 5:11


joined 5:12


joined 5:12


joined 5:18


joined 5:22


joined 5:30


joined 5:32


joined 5:35


I stopped looking at this point.


This is not something which comes up in the Mod Panel .... I just saw it because I am a nosy shit.


Give the mods your support .... They deal with shit all the time which you do not see!


Wonder if one is Marijuana Spring?




Edit to add:







Edited by lake
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4 hours ago, The All Eye said:

Great catch @lake, hopefully the Mods take care of this.  

It’s always taken care of.  Where Lake saw the new members is where they appear before registering on mods list of members. There is a short delay between the two. I think @lake was giving an insight, as a former mod, of some of the things we need to deal with..


My opinion is that why we are spending time removing bot accounts we aren’t checking other more important things.

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On 6/29/2023 at 5:53 PM, lake said:

I would like to welcome these new members.... all joined beginning 4:16 pm today.... hi, hope you will be posting?


These kind of accounts, as in same-styled names, also began appearing in the latter years of the 2006-2019 forum. I can't quite remember in what year though. I would guess circa 2016.   

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My name is John. Just signed up. Been following David's work since 2005. Looking to forward meeting people of like mind here, and keeping up to date with the latest scoop pertaining to this simulation we find ourselves in. Just finishing up David's latest work, THE DREAM. Talk about a deep dive. I agree wholeheartedly with his assertions and research.

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3 hours ago, CaliforniaSunKid said:

Hello Everyone!

I am a new member here. Wanted to say Hi! I have posted part of my story to my profile if you wish to get to know me better. Looking forward to interacting with other like-minded members of this community. It is great to have places like this to connect with others. 

Have a wonderful day!

Welcome to the forum.

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Hi, i can finally get in.  I tried a few years ago to create an account , and it wouldn't let me, I am very grateful I was able to create an account now.


Been following David Icke for years, and have always had questions, maybe being here, will help me to find answers to those questions.



Thank you



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Howdo everyone. Merry year thing to you all

I was on the old forum years ago when desktop pc's were the thing but heck I cannot remember my username.

The reason I'm rejoining at this time is I'm bloody so fed up. It's so flipping obvious this 'managed decline' is in full effect, especially on this very very rainy island. I might do a thread when I'm more up to it/replied to threads etc.

have a pain disability which has completely changed my life (much more than that covid lark could ever do) and typing these days is a massive challenge, but I gotta type or else.

Just one thing I wanna say here though before I forget and that is my son(24) and all his friends etc reckon the woke thing is bullshit. Now, if that generation can see through it who actually is embracing this propaganda?

I'll shut up for now.

Cheers all

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