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Guest Gone Fishing...

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Heyup folks,


Have read icke for years and joining this forum today….looking forward to reading all your threads/thoughts and contributing. 

Having been a ‘seeker’ all my life…age 6 i asked “why are we all here?”…and life has been answering that question ever since. 
Great thinkers and seekers like Icke, and his contemporaroes, aswell as historical known philosophical figures, all the way back to ancient times, have been brave, wonderful guiding lights to unveil the truth…forever grateful and forever changed by truth….now us modern generations owe it to them all to unite, share and love Truth! 

BeeThrive - Choosing to thrive and just Be our best to overthrow this saturnian cult hive. 

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Hello hello hello. 
I’m Jenn. I am located in Canada and have been on a similar path of awakening that resonated so hard with The David Icke Life Story that I immediately had to come here and join a community of people ready to own their amazingness. I’ve felt very isolated since this pandemic began and rarely find places I have felt comfortable being me. I guess that goes back to childhood as I have always felt more like an observer, on the outside looking in. I struggled for 38 years to fit into the status quo yet always felt like something wasn’t right. Even before the current narrative began I had been removing myself from all things I was told life was supposed to be. It happened innately yet I had no idea why. I struggled with being different. I don’t anymore. So I guess I’m here to connect and maintain my will to finally stand up for my truth and the truth as I’ve begun to understand it. I lost a long term relationship this year because of my revolutionary mind, yet I haven’t done much of anything except think, learn, write and begin to toe myself into doing something more than sit on the sidelines. I am here for community, hope and a deep deep love of humanity(as it can be) and the greatness that can be. 
I’m happy to be here and know I’ve found the right place for my now. 

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I'm looking forward on spending part of my time and effort with this community, to learn and tell and help my self and us grow. I don't consider my self a genius, but I'm sure as heck intrigued and quite knowledgeable in various topics and discussions that get brought up here.



( I have read , the time loop, everything you need to know but have never been told, the answer ) 

I got good books I wanted to recommend, that could help your awakening , but I'm not sure if I'm aloud to talk about authors , outside of this site. 


Let me know if you may. 


Love to all, great peace. 

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Hello,  welcome Koral...


I am fairly confident no-one will mind you offering different authors as well as those David Icke has authored. We even have a thread just for alternative book sharing... 




This is interesting just by itself :- https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/20622-the-book-‘virus-mania’/

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Hi, I am here as a result of wanting to understand the world system as a result of the covid happenings. I have found David Icke's books and videos eye-opening and spirit warming. It is also very nice to see other like minded individuals. I am also getting deeper into researching aliens and the cult agenda....I hope someone can ask Mr. Icke if he has seen or read any of Lawrence Spencer's work, namely Alien Interview and the subsequent Domain Expeditionary Force Mission. These were the first books to start me on my journey, and the correlations are absolutely astounding. I hope that if he has, that he might be able to share his take on these books...if he has time to do so in a future episode? Wordings are different between Mr. Icke and in the Spencer books but the meanings align beautifully in many cases. 

It is a great time to be having this experience with everyone else here, and I am thankful that free speech communities are out there!

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I've been a member for a bit now but thought I'd say Hello. 

My name is Angel Pardee from Colorado. I living about 20 minutes from the Denver International Airport. Needless to say I've seen some pretty interesting things around here!

Anyways, Thank you so much David for being a truthful and a reliable news source. I've been a follower of you for years now. 

I Love you and see the Golden soul you are!

Please continue to be you! We need everyone to be transparent, take accountability, stop lying and just Love, Love, Love!!! It is/ was and will always be the only mission we had on this planet. (LOVE)

Seems so simple but I guess, it's just extremely hard for some! Makes me sad!! 

I appreciate you so much! So please don't change a thing!

I totally agree with your opinion on todays topic btw. 

I am WOMEN and unfortunately the world 🌎 is going to hear us all roar real soon! Pretty sure mother Earth 🌎 is already clearing our way and will continue too if need be.  

Btw is it wrong of me to want my white slaved, first American women settlers of my county the United States and my lineage to have a White American Womens History Month?

The women's movement when I was a little girl was a joke!! I am Generation X ! Tennis players, like Lesbian Billy Jean King drove the womens movement home here in the 70's!! 

I'm proud of my heritage and believe we all should be! When I think about the atrocities that have/ were and are going on, against all women and children, it makes me sick inside! 

My Great grandmother's could grow a garden plus tend bee's in the Swiss Alps. Where" They had too walk uphill both ways". To go anywhere.. Family joke. Haha

Can American women even grow a garden these days? Little lone in the freezing cold snow with below freezing temperatures??? Plus are they passing these skills down to the younger generations?

I would have absolutely loved to have had more quality time with my Grandmother who passed at 98 years old. As a young lady, my Grandmother was betrothed to a neighboring farm families son. She never learned how to read or write but she was a God fearing women who enjoyed listening to the grand ole opera. She Was one of the smartest women i ever met. She could paint the landscape of her neighborhood beautiful! Her rose Bushes 🌹 could have won prizes.

 My grandparents owned a co - op neighborhood Garden in Wisconsin, for many years!

She had a apple tree, pear 🍐tree and Vinyard on her property. Plus rows and rows of crops coming in or being harvested. 

Her only rule were;

1. That everyone shared their yields with one another.

2. The only people that were allowed to have the grapes 🍇 were her immediate family. We as children would come over pick them. My Mother and her would make preserves to be canned and we'd have special Jam made with love all winter!!! Smiles!!!!

3. Oh and If you pick her special roses 🌹 to give one to your mom. Your going to get your one and only spanking I ever received from her. Laughs. 

I miss her so much! Especially, her southern cast iron skillet double dipped battered fried chicken. Mmm nothing like it in this whole world!!!

Anyways, sorry to be long winded. Suppose I had a lot to say though. 

I'm so happy and glad you exist David Ick!! I

 Just wanted you to know that I'm awake and have been paying attention my entire life!

Bless you and your entire family. May abundance be yours in the upcoming year!  


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HI guys... 


Didn't say hello yet.


I just started a thread here:


I'm a martial artist.... and.... i'm developing an alternative to this whole system thats been running for last few aeons... And when it's ready i'll post it... WIP... 


But I want to post a meme I make:


Blood Cultist False Dragon-3.png


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Hello all. I registered some time ago, but only just got around to having a proper look. I do not believe the narrative about so called covid and would not touch the jab with a barge pole.  Also have refused to wear a mask any where and even left my job 3 months early because of it.

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Hi - Nice to meet you all


1. Can you please take a little time to say hello and introduce yourself as far as you're comfortable ?

Margaret, live in a rabbit hole located in the SE USA.  New to Icke, was turned off by the reptilian thing, but recently considered that they might be aliens and am no longer turned off by it.

2. What brought you here ?

I've listened to many of Icke's talks, but no one ever asks him how he "left the matrix" or "discovered who he really was" - it is this that I would like to know more about. I already understand his normal talking points. 

3. What are your thoughts on Cov-19 , 911, Vaccines and other such stuff ?  

Planned for many decades to enslave humanity and change us into something inhuman that will continue to feed them, the rest will be mass slaughtered.  A forced chip will ensue under the guise of 'vaccine passports" - this is the mark of the beast that the bible talks of.  I especially like when David talks about the reptilian brain - this is the fear that these monsters feed off of.  Christ (who is real) has told us "do not fear" - so, to succumb to the chip is a fear based life. "Those who seek to keep their life will lose it"

4. Thanks 



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17 hours ago, Morgan said:

Hello.   I'm Jim Morgan from South Africa.  Pleased to meet You


Just a question.  How do I change the Green M Profile Pic with one of my own choosing?


Thanks if you can help me please.  

How do I delete my Account here please?

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Hey everyone! I used to be a member back around 2012 been lurking ever since and recently I'm feeling more and more isolated and now have family turning against me because of my views on covid and the masks and vaccines. I'm the only adult I know that hasn't been jabbed. My mother is addicted and couldn't wait to get her booster and even went to get the flu shot the first time in her life too. I am a parent and I don't want my son to grow up in this insane world even he sees through the bullshit and he's not even 10. I loved hearing about the older kids rebelling and refusing to wear masks at school or have a swab repetitively shoved up their noses well done to them! I'm so proud! 


Whenever anything happens in the world I always turn to Icke to see what his opinions are on it and every time its the same as mine. Anyway that will do for my intro as I think I'm waffling on a bit!

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I’m Sarah-Jane and I recently watched the London Real interview 


It was the very last bit of the interview that resonated with me as I’ve just come out of the other side of a spiritual awakening. My experience happened in October / November 2019 and I have used the lockdown as a tool to practice presence and to fully come into alignment with who I truly am, which is source energy, consciousness (the soul)


I’d love to be able to help people awaken but most are ruled by the mind instead of being the observer of the mind so it’s difficult … I suppose you awaken when it’s your time to but the unconditional love I feel for everyone and everything is incredible and the high energy frequency is so amazing that everyone should feel like this all the time (and it’s free)… if those 1% are trying to stop people experiencing this, their has to be a way we can counter it! 

I have always had the power to bring everyone’s energy around me up … it’s always happened since I was a child and I have been told my energy is quite infectious too… it’s only now since the awakening that I realise how powerful that energy can be and I’d very much like to help in any way I can 💖 xxx

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A Canadian guy whose here to learn from and with other like minded souls. 


I do have a question, I made one reply on a post, that was deleted. I have no idea why. No cursing. No personal attacks. Simply mentioned the connection of the number 8 and Saturn in the covid thread where some people were talking about the connection of 8? 


Any idea why the comment would have been deleted? I'm not trying to be unruly, just curious because I thought I was adding a simple small addition to the question of what's the deal with the 8's. 



Anyways, long time reader, happy to be here. Thanks for hosting this forum 



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Guest Gone Fishing...
8 minutes ago, RemdesivirDogs said:

After lurking many years just want to say hi and fully join up to the crusade.


Remdesivir D. x


Hello and welcome...
BC  :O)

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