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Hello! I've finally signed up as my father-in-law was recently hospitalized for the Covid (yawn) and how shocking the last few weeks have been. Just unimaginable how people are being treated. He is an elderly man who thought he was dying and they would not allow his children even to visit. What a mind [email protected] 


Anyways, this site has actually been a valuable resource for us in getting through this whole crazy, clown-world debacle. While it seems there is much disinformation and misinformation thrown in, that is just par for this course as we battle for truth and justice.


Thanks to all the real truthers out there.

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I am here to desperately search for like-minded Malaysians in this place. I think time is short. They came out on the news saying you need 2 shots to open and enter businesses. This is madness and most people around me are going ong with it. We need to find each other NOW.

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I have to say that I speak in spanish, I dont use translate but I know muy language can be not usual

Today I decide speak, first sent a message, then I`ve read about forum.

I have many questions, the principal, my DNA.

I was born in Chile.  I have had so many experiences...  but I dont know were is my family, my real family.

Althougth my fathers are chileans, my goodmathers born at south of Chile, they were of light skin and yellow - green eyes.  I cant found my lineage.  

I dont know if de answer is the lineage or is another theme because my question and the reason of whrite us is: why I have connections since I remember all of my life.

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Welcome & An Introduction.


You may listen to this post by clicking the following SoundCloud Link.

I begin With a Short Transcript of a Conversation My Mother and I have had, and by providing some Relevant Information as I Believe it Will help readers gain a better idea of the Perspective and in what Context I wish to contribute and share the following, which is Not a Story, Nor is it the Answer, but rather a question we may need to ask Ourselves with a sense of Logicality, Rationality, and Practical, Functional, Critical Thinking Before expecting more from Life, Living, and those that we share and participate in it with, thus, Others.


A short Transcript of A conversation My Mother who is 70, and I, a father of five were having that I feel is relevant in some way.


My mother asked me some time ago, “what from this life would you take to the next, if anything, but only one thing?”. I answered, “memory”. She says “yes, I guess I have some memory’s I would keep also”, I raised my head to look at her and replied, “not my memory, or the memories of the things I may have enjoyed or care to remember most, But the memory of everything we have done, we as in all of us and all that we have done, both good and bad, so that we may know better and different, not to repeat a lesson already learned so many times and very long ago.”


Time passed, and some years later, I was sitting with my mother talking once again and as per usual, and I say, “I just remembered something else you asked me then !”, She looks at me with inquisitiveness and surprise, I continue, “you asked me if I would do it again”, I remember answering, “most definitely yes!, Forever I am capable, and until I no longer need to, consider I have already remembered so much, I also remember that I told you this before.”


Most recently, she asked me, “What would you be if you could choose what you would be ?”, I replied, “Me,.." almost without even thinking, however, a moment later I answered, "Myself.. but if you meant as an animal or wild thing, I would say Goose", with a smile I continue, "It’s the best of all three reality’s, Air, Water and Land, a Goose can Fly, Swim, and Walk.”


An Introduction.


-“We Have All Known For A Long Time Now, The Plan, However, Not All Have Chosen To Follow Or Partake. We That Live Like Common Folk, And The Potato Farmer, We Stand And Live In Protest Silently. We Disagree. We Choose Reality Over The Fantasy, And It’s Artificiality, For Who Should Follow, And Eat Of A Toxic Thing Knowingly, If Not Already Lost, Or Suicidal, But Also Silly.”


I agree at times I do not use proper grammar and have spelling mistakes. However, I also openly Admit to these things and often say My view may Require a Will, and Willingness to Perceive in an effort to Acknowledge the basis of the Perspective and that I am not Politically Correct, Nor subject to Societal Pressure. also, at times, things are done Deliberately, such as Purposeful Wording and Phrasing may require one to Read Between the Lines.


I am often said to use Many Words (Textually) while providing a seemingly complicated answer to seemingly simple things, My (“having to use so Many Words”). even so, I also tend to use these Words and speak for Myself rather than to steal, Borrow, or rely on others to do it for me, or with me for that matter, in some cases, such as Posts on Public Forums and Newsgroups, I have used Text and Generated Voice as I Believe My true Identity, Voice, and Image are Not Necessary, Nor do I seek an Acknowledgement other than what I hope to provide for Others, in this case, all of Humanity and those of the Free Will, and whoever has the Will, whom I consider and often refer to as The Willing.


I have also been accused of pushing or spamming for much of what I share, that Unfortunately Requires these Many Words that are at times, if not often more than the most minimal as the majority of whom seek entertainment, or whatever pleases them most, and first purposefully seek, thus, those whom are by My perspective and Understanding the Unwilling, and Hypocrite who have not the Will, Knowledge, or the Ability to Admit, thus Manifesting a Perpetual Ignorance, which only results with people Arguing or Slandering of things they lack an Actual Understanding or Knowledge of, such as My opinion, or the Many Understandings that I have given as an answer to the common question with Words of My Own, and that relate when Understood Correctly, again, Requiring the Will of people who seek and share Knowledge and other Insight rather than Dogma, Drama, Propaganda, Rumor's, Witty comments or Slandering of an Individual or Individuals, rather than a Comprehensible, Relevant and Sensible Argument of an Opinion or Thing, and Not of the Person or Author. unfortunately, a sad reality that I have also at a time found Myself Beginning to participate, Nor am I perfect, but I am also Willing to Acknowledge this mistake.


Some people have or may accuse me of Preaching Or Prophesying, which I take as an Insult. the Foundation of My Belief is the very Opposing Force of these things, Not unto the Belief in or of God’s or King’s, but that these and the support required to sustain them are Blasphemous unto Humanity according to our Life, and by what means We are Living while aligned with, and according to Their Action, and its Manifestation of an Artificial Reality Unto All of Humanity, as if Actuality that is Nothing more than the Working of the Craft, such as Witchcraft, Sorcery, Satanism, It’s Religious Right and Prosecution Propagated, Forced, and Enforced Before, and Above The Rite, as if Religious Beliefs and Ritual make a Human and Humanity A Sacrificial thing. I am not Preaching, However, it’s by these Realities that I tend to Perceive Things.


-“I Have Not A Political Fanaticism Or Favorite, Nor A Religious Denomination Or The Affiliation Of, Or To A God, Gods Or Devils, A King Nor His Queen, I Am Not Good Nor Bad, Nor Am I Virtuous Or Evil, I Am Not Left Or Right, Nor Am I Black, Or White, I Am Not Unjust Or Righteous, Nor Am I Mighty Or Meek, I Am Not A Color Nor Have I A Creed, For I Am The Line, Human, And Balanced, The Peace Between, Crossed Either Way, By Either Side, And For Those Who Will Not To Stand The Line By Me, Equally Stand A Part Of, From, And Against Me, Human Dignity, Humanness, Humanity, With Indignity, A Blasphemous Shame!”


It may also be necessary to Acknowledge that I speak of such things as God’s and King’s, Power and Authority, Good and Evil as an Artificiality, and Devastating unto All of Humanity throughout history.


I try not to Provide or Contribute what is not already Discoverable, Researched, Acknowledged, or Known, but rather that which I have come to Understand Esoterically, and commonly via Research and Study, However, Primarily by the First-Hand Experience, also by its Observation and Effect onto the Reality’s, You, I, and Our Family’s must Live, while My Beliefs are a very different thing, and Not necessarily what I hope or Intend to Provide here, also, I often say “Words” are not meant for the “Telling” of Truths, further complicating its transcription and reading, again, My (“having to use so Many Words”), to discuss Honest Truths.


I am Proven Well Versed, Aware, And have Acknowledged a Plethora of Study’s, including the many Ancient and Modern Sciences, Philosophies and Theories, which I have Deliberately Spent the Majority of my Life Researching and Investigating on a daily basis until this Day, not Only as a Hobby, or Past Time, but Exhaustively with an Insatiable Appetite and Inquisitiveness, by Practice and Participation, Research and Study, such things as The Many Basic and Deeper Psychologies, psychiatric theories, Ancient and Modern Philosophies, Pharmacology and Technology, Biochemistry, Neurochemistry, and All things The Mind, Body, and Brain, General and Advanced Physics, Spiritualism, and the Major And Mystery Religions, along with their Related Esoteric, Ancient, and Modern Definitions, History and Beliefs, also the Practical Experiences and Studies of Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism along with Voodooism, Satanism, Witchcraft, Sorcery, among others, Also of their respective Historical Beliefs, Foundations, Principles, Rituals and Purpose along with Esoterica of Angelology and it’s Mythology, Card, Hand and Mind Reading, However, Not Formally Educated, or (“Indoctrinated”), nor am I, or do I claim or proclaim to be officially recognized or authorized, accredited, But Openly State, That these studies and there related Acknowledgments have ONLY been Obtained and Learned By Self Study, Practice and Participation. With that said, it is of these Things I am Most Keen and may Refer to and their relative, related terms often and throughout the Majority of my posts, that may be more Comprehensive, and Comprehensible to those who are Familiar, Aware, or Educated in Any of these many things, formally and not.


I cannot comprehend a reason not to post these many things and what other reason to post anything if not honestly and truthfully to the best of our ability, for we should already know to Not Share, or Eat of the Toxic or tainted thing Knowingly, deliberately, purposefully, by our Lust, Greed, Vanity, Ignorance, Devilry and Indignity, and Shame and Lesson obtained by both Adam and Eve Biblically.


I have been asked on several occasions to provide Resources, Links, or other such things, where I have in the past, exhaustively, however, today, I prefer to encourage people to do some Research and Studies of their Own, You are Encouraged to NOT Believe or take for Verbatim but to Research, Discover, Learn, and to Think Independent and Critically of what is written here, and that some have asked for a Source, of which I am, and that these words are NOT what may be Borrowed or Stolen for Argument or as if My Own, but that is My Own, Honestly and Truthfully, to the best of my ability.


Lastly, beyond the introduction, My posts have little if anything to do with me, but of the Raw Reality of Life and Living From then, Unto this Day, admittedly written in an unconventional manner that which for some may prove challenging, that is again only a matter of the Will and of being Truthfully Willing, thus also honestly able, It is the Message and Question that matter at all and most, where my identity is Irrelevant, unnecessary, Nor is it a necessity for others to Read or Listen to the posts.


In closing.


Note: I guess much of what I share is somehow grounds to be censored, if not completely banned, on most platforms including Facebook, twice interestingly, not to mention a number of groups that claim they want to Discuss or have the capacity to.


-“Remember For, At The End Of The Day, We Are The Manifest Of A Words Meaning, And It’s Affect Unto Ourselves By Our Responsibility, Accountability, Insecurity, Instability, Illness, Disease, Fears, Vulnerability, And Weakness, For Words Themselves Are But Hollow, And Empty, Innocent, And Harmless.”


Or if able and interested an assortment of topics by clicking the following.

Thank you.

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2 hours ago, Bingozee said:


The answers always are in another world or dimentions, I am speaking about my dreams and visions.   I can`t avoid question me if there are other matrix.... this matrix more difficult to break or rip.    

I think about it since I was abduced and then they steal my little child,  the warm it since I was pregnant, but I no consent it.  I change the time of cesarean, I keep my child to my home the next day without medical instruction.... I want to change the future advised....

2 hours ago, Bingozee said:

Thank you.


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Hi all.


More of a social recluse. But it's been a while so l thought of come out of my rabbit hole for some fresh air.  


crazy times ahead... An had to make a post l thought people should be made aware of.  That's why l signed up! 


I'm not a mad hatter, an like to read between the lines.. been a truth seeker for some time now.. 







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Hello Friends, 


You can call me Sigismundo or Zigi for short. 


I look forward to making friends on this forum to form a kind of choir of the heart.


I am serious about self examination, discovering the truth, and finding our own individual salvation. 


But I also just enjoy laughing, and being silly. 



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Hello, my name is Chris, and I have just joined this forum chat.


I first heard of David Icke in the mid 80s, when he was hosting a snooker programme with David Vine! He seemed a nice chap.

When I was at University, in 1992, I bought 2 books by him: 'Truth Vibrations', and 'Love Changes Everything', which I found fascinating at the time, but got interested in Hare Krsna philosophy and way of life for about 10 years afterwards. Though I still think there is a lot of truth in works like 'Bhagavad-gita-as-it-is', the pressure to accept or search for a guru didn't really feel right for me, especially considering the state of the ISKCON organisation. If it has been infiltrated by sinister agents, then it is a no-brainer! I only put this to give you some idea of my philosophical inclination.


I had read parts of David Icke's bigger books within the last 20 years but never finished them, as they seemed too 'depressing' for me! Since lockdown, however, I have read a lot more (completed) and also read a fair few that he has referenced to get an idea of the sources he quotes. I believe this is good to get more of a complete handle on what David Icke himself says.


I realise that I am talking theoretically here - but I believe that good insight into the world leads to good action within it.


Regarding action, I am self-employed, and when Covid blew up in spring last year, my business stopped, but at least I was able to do a lot on line. I teach chess in schools, and though I could not continue with almost all schools, I started a club and have a fair few members. We do tuition, organise matches and leagues and play against other clubs both junior and adult (!), and against British and foreign sides! It is exciting for the kids, and it is good to do something useful in these terrible times. 


And yet, if it wasn't for these times, I would have not studied David Icke's work anywhere near as much as I have that last year and a half. I think that is an important thing to remember - how adversity can drive one to find and act on the truth.


I post things on social media a bit trying to explain them in my words, and have done a few other things to be useful in the fight against the tyranny that threatens all of us.


In the early days of this Covid hoax, I was following the mainstream media, but after 2 weeks of it (say very early March - before lockdown), I realised that all it was doing was instilling fear in me and there were no voices speaking out against what was obviously a narrative. I then thought, 'What does David Icke make of this?', saw, and of course it was a much saner version. The trick was then to understand it more clearly, as it encompasses a massively wide subject area, and the conception of reality being a key component.


In short, this whole thing goes way beyond Covid, and the way out is to have a strong grip on reality, rather than just argue the toss against the Covid narrative - although that, is a good service to do too!


I hope that when I do put some posts up in future, they will be of use and of interest to others.


All the best,  Chris.

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Hello Ha all.. Hope you're all surviving well during this dirty stealthy war against Humanity.. with fascism rising like a Weather Warfare induced flood for "Climate Change" FX.

I'm not new to the truth and activism scene, but just thought I may occasionally be able to add something useful

on this forum, such as memes/ graphics, my songs/music and even words and info when I can..

I've actually recently been locked out of the Silicon Valley control the narrative platform program, aka Twitter (my handle @nickmyer)and at this point I am not sure if I'll ever get to sign back in..  Apparently someone couldn't cope with the image of Bill Gates sporting a Hitler mustache with a depiction of blood on his hands .and a syringe. Must have hit a nerve, so they locked me out and deleted it of course.  I posted it on here not long afterwards as wouldn't want it to go to waste.

Monster cuntrol freaks eh, what are they like..  I noticed recently that Twitter

has actually hidden or deleted hundreds of my Tweets pre 2020 on the subject of dodgy vaccines..

So deleting history to include anecdotal evidence is also a  strong part of their repertoire.

I sense this won't happen here even with Google's tentacles embedded into the place.

Anyway, fun times, the fight goes on, pleased to meet you all so to speak..  I'll certainly pop in here when I can..

Until again..

Cheers, NM

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Hello, my name is Tim, I am 63 years old and live in the upper midwest of the US. Ever since I lost my mother to suicide when I was 13 I realized that all I had been told and taught was utter bullshit, I have been an outcast my entire life. One day I was discussing this with a friend of mine from school, he suggested I read The Biggest Secret. I was traveling to Colorado to visit family and friends in 2000. I had just finished reading about the Denver airport as I touched down at the Denver airport, to say it was an surreal was an understatement, I was completely blown away. Then 911 happened and all of the other subsequent PRS situations, and now the covid hoax. I have watched the US population acquiesce to, and display blind obedience to these fuckers, it has hurt my soul badly, even the people closest to me have succumbed to the lies. Again I feel alone.

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I have had questions about life as we think we know it that are seemingly impossible to get answered convincingly.  Having landed on the site yet again doing research, I thought it time to join.  I have also had several strange unexplained experiences and one of them is quite unbelievable which I may share at the appropriate time.  Good to be here!  

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Hi I first became interested in David Icke after watching his first interview on the Wogan show.  I saw that what was being said about him claiming to be the son of god simply wasn’t true but had been twisted to make it sound that way.  When he answered “Yes it’s true” he was actually referring to the fact that people were saying that and not that the statement was true. 
I believe that if something doesn’t make sense then it cannot be true.  I think I may be able to make some sense here and this is my hope in joining. 

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 Good afternoon every one. I am righting from Montreal, Quebec Canada, and I am French Not a nice place at the moment!!! Hope you are well. I have been searching for the truth for almost 55 years, not to say that I was born as a searcher of the truth. I have fund in David Hike a clarity that no one in all the community have of Whistle,,,,,, you know the name. I would like to ask if the books as been translated in French? Not for me but for my pears. I would like to give them the gift of the truth so well spoken by David  Ike. Thank you for your responses, Fairday

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Welcome all 4 latest! 🙂


Francine Manard. The word  

"pears" for what you want is instead}} "peers" by which the latter is correct I believe for your sentence to serve correctly (if you needed any correction that is) 🙂


I don't know the answer to the  question of translation into french of David Ickes books but I am sure he has considered such to that effect. 


Welcome all... 

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My name is Chris and I’m just looking for somewhere to chat and share my story without being insult and/or banned…


The vast majority of forums I’ve been to in the past several years have been infested with some of the worst people you can imagine and lots of places will just straight up ban you for no apparent good reason :-(



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Hello everybody - It is settling to know, I am only one of many, that can see through this bull - My eyes were opened on 911 - I'm an apprentice served   physics engineer  - Since 911, I've had no trust in anything connected to authority - Prior to 911, I always considered David Icke a loony - NOW I worship the ground he walks on.  I eat humble pie like a professional.  I am proud to be privileged, to  rub shoulders with you all - thank you for accepting me - I will fight shoulder to shoulder with everyone of you

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