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I wont write what I think of this man.....BUT what a F'in cheek.......


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On 11/3/2022 at 11:40 AM, Observations said:

Mike Graham said Hancock's fee is £400,000?


I always feel torn for getting a bit sucked into these things. I don't want to give it attention and energy. I don't want to feel the elastic band pull on my emotions, which is at this moment is a physical feeling in my heart! I know that this is what they want. To take our attention away from love, happiness, focus ... every other thing that matters. 


One answer is to be aware of this and to deliberately put attention into other things. To find and remember the balance. This applies to every other area of this shit show. That has been the case before we were born, and will be so long after we are gone. 


During the 'pandemic", this was all very apparent! Do we put our efforts into trying to fight it and raise awareness, spread the knowledge? Or alternatively, put our efforts into building and creating what really truly matters. 


We know the answer. When they have our attention they win. None of this will really matter, as life goes on, and there is so much to win, and so much to lose. 

^^^^^^^ 🙏

Bravo!! What excellent understanding !! A few people **if not many** here will know this wisdom about balance and where to put our attention, and the awareness we acknowledge in helping us decide and guide that, still its good to see people like you still reminding us of those words which matter so much, which include the spiritual battle as much as anything else... (other importances too being physical prep! obviously), and just getting on with life how we see fit AND NEVER LET THE PARASITO MIZERS GET YOU DOWN). . . .👍👍👍


AND....equally good, You've helped me decide now where I am putting the below video, muahahahah!! THANKYOU OBSERVATIONS!!! 👍👍👍 

(it focuses on looking at parasite and fungi and disease and how that works in the jungle and such places)


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