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First it was "Homes For Ukraine", now it's "Homes for illegal immigrants"?

Grumpy Owl

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How's this for a brass neck? Khan, the London mayor, is upset that illegal migrants were left out in the cold in London and has called for an 'urgent review.' Fuck him. How many Brits have died alone and cold on the streets of his city and he has done nothing? The British don't matter. Britain is now a conquered nation with a government that represents foreign nations instead of their own. People who wouldn't piss on a homeless Brit if he was on fire are now wringing their hands about gangs of Albanian criminals left alone and helpless in London, and they will house them and let our own people die. But never mind. We can always listen to Piers Morgan talk about it or read the Mail. Conquered without a shot being fired. The King of Spain, Bonaparte, Kaiser Wilhelm, and Hitler's Wehrmacht couldn't manage that. Now they just sail in on rubber boats.



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