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Spare. Harry's book due out in January 2023.

Nemuri Kyoshiro

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13 hours ago, Observations said:

He's put the UK in danger

The trouble is there's always one / some lunatic who's prepared to carry it out 




Before he had this book published he was telling us all he was scared and worried about his safety. I would've thought keeping a low profile and quietly doing charity work in the background would be the sensible way forward. Now he's made himself a big target for cyber criminals.

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13 minutes ago, Moonlight said:

I have not read the book but in the review I´ve read that he says in the book he was just meant to be a reserve if William needed a bone marrow transplant or kindey transplant one day. I think Buckingham Palace must be quite a sinister, dangerous place.


So he should have names the book 'Spare Parts."

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Daily Mirror 


New spare lie revealed


Harry spun a tale over tail spin 


Flight instructor says cockpit heroics dramatised for effect 


It seems as if this is just another part of 'the system' not wanting anyone to believe anything


I saw a lady in the street with a copy under her arm and I thought how sad to buy it. Of all the books ...

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Well Big Mouth Strikes again with yet more of his inane ramblings. Must be on his thousandth  "therapy session" by now. He'd win the Guinness Book of Records for how many therapies he's signed up to.




The Duke of Sussex sat down with controversial 'toxic trauma' expert Dr Gabor Maté for a 90-minute conversation just two months before his father's coronation as questions continue about whether he and wife Meghan will attend. 


In the £17-per-ticket livestream event that included a free copy of his memoir, Spare, Harry discussed his drug use, his views on the war on Afghanistan, and how he doesn't see himself as a 'victim'.


He told Maté he always felt different from the rest of his family and that Diana felt the same, as he opened up about his upbringing in a 'broken home' and how he had been 'saved' by Meghan.





£17 to pay to have one's ears assaulted with his ramblings?! Who on earth would be paying that? That buys a couple of bags of shopping from the Lidl.


I'd be seriously embarrassed to be charging people to listen to me rabbit on about my family situations! He has no shame!


"Broken home" my arse! He needs to go and visit young people in orphanages, hostels, in tents on the streets and see what a real broken home situation is.


Don't mind me though, I'm just a cynical working class Gen Xer, mixed with some vintage/interwar common sense.


Someone needs to send him this song.



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On 1/19/2023 at 4:05 AM, Observations said:

If it wasn't for this no-one would be discussing the royals. Same old. At any point in the future all of this can be wiped clean as the media will help to change the script. Possibly after the coronation. ( What a tearful reunion - so moving, so hunan, so normal )


Predictive says coronavirus 😄


I'm quoting myself, as it appears that the whole Harry thing is the only way to keep the royals in the news, and the public mind, especially as they're doing f**k all else, except promote mental health BS. 


Harry has to be cured, love has to win, in order to complete the marketing campaign on usa style psychiatrists. Cue the happy ending. What a fake load of shit.


Seems even more blatant today as Harry has ADD, what happened to the H for hyperactivity?! Last night he sat with a trauma expert as they leaned into each other across the sofa's. 


Absolute horse shit


Useless transparent actors


The return of the prodigal son ...


Before the coronation or after of they need to keep the narrative going a bit longer 


Disgusting pigs 


Bereavement does not make you weak, it makes you stronger 


I saw a man sleeping in a cardboard box with his guitar case next to him 


F*ck Harry meghan William Kate Charles Queen consort Camilla .... now sneakily Queen Camilla as forseen as far back as pre millennium. Too much frog boiling for my liking.


They are nowhere near as smart as the man on the street. 


They'll have to get up early in the morning to catch us out ... 😆 😉 


( The young ones )


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