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Short questions, answers

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1. When there are mass migrations, like from Syria or Ukraine or South America... can you imagine that busses of reset people are inserted in between? Like grow fucktards in bunkers, perfectly brainwash them and then let them go in the middle of mass migration? 
I find it very suspicious that so many middle east people had a lot of money to pay for illegal ship and yet cities are not empty in middle east. 
Also, all the women with children coming from Ukraine? They are not western culture subjects, they are old school and rarely who will say - fuck my husband, my home, parents, animals, i go alone to strange place with my infant. I do not buy that. Some would do, yes, But not in such masses, like millions they say. I personally know one story. 
2. In this reseat we are taught to eat insects. Didn`t they taught us to kill and eat animals in some previous reset? 
We are all one, so any animal suffering counts. We humans ourselves are doing job for demiurge by killing and killing animals and on top of that - eating them! 
Why canibalism is starting to be new normal?
3. Dreams. Anyone having strange dreams, astral travels? 
 My dreams are strange. It`s like living full life in another world but the same much damaged and ruled, controlled. Reminds of speech at some English royal funeral... "as they rule in this realm and other realms.." smtg like that. What other realms? 

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