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The forgotten story of Royal Raymond Rife

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  • lake changed the title to The forgotten story of Royal Raymond Rife
51 minutes ago, TheConsultant said:

Same category as Tesla, laughed at, died lonely and poor whilst people thought he was insane. Nice system we live in!

Its such a similar story of truly genius minds - during their life they suffered ridicule, poverty etc, only for their work to serve humanity many decades into the future after their death. 
I hope, in some way, despite their seemingly dire outer circumstances, and social shunning, their personal experience of their conscious awareness was sustaining and enthralling for them  - i suspect it was for them to have the awareness of mind to offer the gifts they did.

In many ways, that lived experience of mind is richer than any social acceptance, validation or gold coins 😉

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On 10/27/2022 at 9:30 PM, TheConsultant said:

Is any experience better than people not having to be enslaved in a system? 


That question is an entirely new thread in itself 🙂

It brings to mind “you are what you think” - and those like Tesla, Rife, seemed capable to step ‘outside’ the box of ‘system/slave-thinking’, to reach their innovative ideas. 

How the system responds to ‘out-liers’ has always been the same, as you say, with denigration, repulsion etc. 


All aspects of formed ego - which the ‘system’ is in itself, like a giant Ego, despise challenge to its beliefs. Those of mankind who went beyond ‘conventional thinking’ were/are a direct challenge.
Healthy ego, on the other hand, welcomes new ideas, integrates them etc. Thats the anti-thesis of much of the global ‘system’ - a majority aim to maintain control. Its a system largely birthed in fear. Fear needs to control everything. All other states of being are relieved of the need for such rigid control.

These geniuses we know of went beyond personal/salve-mind ego fear, and reached outside of that mindset to produce the works they did- that state of mind IS beyond the ‘system’. The system will do anything in its power to ‘reel them back in’, usually first by buying-up their inventions to control them, or if unsuccessful, slander them to (literal in most cases) death. 

Ultimately though, reality IS as we ‘think’ it is. If we believe there’s a slave-system in control, there HAS to be, to align with our beliefs. Majority rule in this case of a global co-creation - meaning if most people believe the system is one of slavery and corruption, it HAS to be. Thats a whole ‘nother thread.
Yet the adage “change your mind and the rest will follow” is the key to understanding how we each, individually, change the ‘system’, as ultimately the system is merely a reflection of the whole. 
The hermetic law of correspondence. 
Universal laws even the system has no control over!



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