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The plinth changed


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Truss and her screw you Britain helix plinth outside 10 is immediately removed with sunaks new solid plinth instead .


Now rishi sunak is Krishna in disguise .

Suhella braverman brahma 


The top 3hindu gods on the Diwali festival and the last eclipse and it's not all magic and suggestions.


We were heading for a shariah law and front bench now it's Hindu top gods with Kali and my pet goat is suddenly complete.


But wait are these not RAJ enthusiasts and don't they see everyone else as slaves goy and caste system plebs and ghosts.

So it's not shariah now it's the ultimate caste system.


Imagine they wanted rishi sunak to deliver what truss herself did  and he played a blinder she gets sacked he then goes now watch the raj caste system and we are heading some very big tax attacks and huggggggggeeeeeee cuts.


The narcissist will not be kind after being made to beg to get his way it's a horror monster about to be released.





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I don't think it's anything to do with islam or hindu. Being a mason, sucking satan's cock, supporting the satan juice program, geneocide, raping and torturing children along with the royals, it's nothing to do with islam. Also, sunak was expressly told by the indian PM to keep working towards 2030.

There's that year again.


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5 hours ago, Nefaria said:

How the hell is a Hindu going to bring in Sharia Law?  That makes no sense.  Hinduism and Islam are completely incompatible religions.

U said it was going to be shariah law. But it's changed and the energy is now within Kali Krishna and Sheva .you clearly deflected the screw you plinth observation and typical snapping away at the observation of symbolism in plain sight .


The Islam Moslem energy has been removed to a bit part Ginn as the raj system is now being invoked instead.


Watch my pet goat to see the Kali dance of death to GETIT

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