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Council’s 'hands are tied' over seagull problem


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We have the same problem in Birmingham, we have loads of gulls around the city, yet last week when I went to the Welsh coast there were very few there.


In their natural habitat, they will feed on fish that they catch from the sea.


They come inland to the big cities, because there is so much food waste littered everywhere, it is much easier pickings for them.


Councils are approaching this 'problem' the wrong way around - take away the food source and the gulls will go elsewhere, probably back to the coasts.


Provide more litter bins (that birds can't access) and educate people again about putting rubbish in bins, rather than just dumping it on the streets in the expectation that "someone else will clean it up".


And also educate people about leaving large amounts of food waste in parks, they think they are "feeding the birds", but the smaller birds don't get a look-in once the larger gulls start muscling them out the way.


The birds will breed near where there are plentiful food sources, that is in their nature.



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