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Eat myself healthy


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Hi guys.


Just wondering what advise food and supplement wise you would give me as I'm wanting to seriously change my lifestyle.


In a nutshell I have been looking after my very difficult father since my mother passed away nearly a year ago. Mentally, physically and emotionally he has sucked the life out of me at times and the other day I became quite unwell. Shaking, shivering, feeling tired, achy etc. Just completely run down. I have no doubt my blood levels are all over the place through bad diet, stress etc.


Are there any simple recipes that are healthy (esp slow cooker ones) you can suggest for me to regain my health? I'm looking to move out now from living with him as I've finally come to admit and realise he is actually quite toxic to be around with his depression, mental health issues, laziness, bitterness etc. I know I need a complete lifestyle change.



Any advise here or in PM would be fab. Thank you!!!

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Depends if you are vegan or vegetarian 🤔 


The most highly nutritional food is liver. 

Eggs are also one of tge best nutritional foods. 

Eat more clean avoid highly processed foods (not entirely) I follow good diet but also like to indulge in the odd Domino pizza.

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Fruit is absolutly fantastic. Can't recommend it enough. Eat fruit everyday. Plenty of it. About 10 pieces a day.

Fast once a week to flush out toxins and give your body a much needed break - read up on the benefits of fasting. Your body can only detox and clean itself out when fasting and at no other time

Exercise everyday. EG: Run for about 400 meters, then drop down and do 10 press up. Run again, then drop down and do 10 sit ups. Repeat to make 20 mins of continous work.

Break your sleep up. Sleep both at day and night. Sleep in the day for 30 mins at about midday, then sleep as normal at night. After about 2 weeks once your body has got used to it, you will find that the total amount you sleep you need goes down, to about 4 hours.

Never skip breakfast, to pull your body out of your catabolic state.




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