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Maybe someone knows some natural solutions for skin cancer? Thanks!


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Hey! Does anyone have any recommendations for basal cell carcinoma or skin cancer that are as natural as possible? I studied naturopathic nutrition for almost 3 years and have never had any major health issues aside from this...so I'm keen to avoid surgeries (and looking like Frankensteins's monster) as much as possible! Interestingly, the only disease that we were legally not allowed to treat using naturopathic methods was cancer...due to the extreme power of the industry, in consultations we were only allowed to offer nutritional therapies to complement official treatments (chemo etc).


Alternative cancer therapies such as fasting, cannabis, an organic alkaline plant based diet, avoiding sugars, and incorporting b17 from apricot kernals, vitamin c, bicarbonate or antineoplastons into the diet probably are not as effective against cancers on the skin...Tullio Simoncini for example, who is well known for treating cancers with bicarbonate, recommends iodine solution at 7% for skin cancers, which I found on Amazon and I am currently trying. It seems to be working a little, though there is not much info about other people who have tried it online. I have also experimented with tea tree oil, oregano oil, bicarbonate mixed with coconut oil and hydroxide solution, and but it's difficult to tell if they are working or not.


I saw a dermatologist who prescribed Aldara (Imiquimod cream), which I tried for the first time last night...I noticed nothing major as yet. 


In my view nature usually has a solution for issues that nature causes, so I'm confident that natural solutions exist and I shouldn't have to resort to a trademarked product...


Thanks to anyone who comments!



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https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3328470/ - Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is an amphipathic molecule that displays a diversity of antitumor activities. Previous studies have demonstrated that DMSO can modulate AP-1 activity and lead to cell cycle arrest at the G1 phase. HLJ1 is a newly identified tumor and invasion suppressor that inhibits tumorigenesis and cancer metastasis. Its transcriptional activity is regulated by the transcription factor AP-1. However, the effects of DMSO on HLJ1 are still unknown. In the present study, we investigate the antitumor effects of DMSO through HLJ1 induction and demonstrate the mechanisms involved.

It also penetrates skin very well and as such is used to carry many other medicines, maybe try a combination of the things you mention above as well as some topical DMSO with bicarb/oregano oil mixed in. Try on a small patch first and look in to dilution for the DMSO, get pharmaceutical grade and organic. Available online and in some healthfood shops.

This is not advice for you, that is what I would do outside of the plethora of alternatives and lifestyle choices you are already and rightly aware of.

all the best!

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11 hours ago, ant777uk said:

In my view nature usually has a solution for issues that nature causes



Absolutely. I don't have any recommendations for this other than what you are already trying and what @TheConsultant has also recommended but if I could offer one piece of advice it would be to disregard any estimations doctors make as regards to the "time" you may or may not have left. I don't know if they've done that or not, but if it were me, I would tell them as soon as I had the diagnosis to refrain from telling me timespans, mainly because once a person invests in a particular belief, it can very quickly come to fruition via the Placebo/Nocebo effect.


I am not suggesting that this happens for everyone but it is also vitally important to remember that many people can have remissions, spontaneous remissions etc. Miracles happen every day; the power of belief and the power of faith can be just as powerful if not more so than many mainstream approaches to illness. 


I have been thinking about this subject quite a lot recently and I see it as quite irresponsible for the doctors to tell people how long they have. People attach to this and it usually ends up being highly accurate because they attach to it. I personally would disregard such estimations, but it's up to you.


I hope whatever you try things work out for you. Take care.

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2 hours ago, Talorgan said:

I know someone had basal cell removed surgically with no problems years ago  .

Also  I would try herbactive .co.uk  



They are good for advice ,.

Sorry I haven't got  the answer but all the very best.

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I know someone who lived in a desert region and thus was exposed to extreme UV rays for years, was an outdoor person and they developed an ‘aggressive’ skin cancer on their ear. It was situated at the back of the ear , just beyond the outer fold. They didnt know they had it, until i noticed it and mentioned they get it looked at. It looked like a brown mole, large, but lumpy. Just like a scab that forms after a bad bug bite or something. 
They also had very short hair, exposed ears, so the sun UV was able to cause cell turnover extremity there on the very thin skin of the ear. 
They had it surgically removed, it was analysed as being an ‘aggressive cell type’ - but despite that, there were no other skin lesions or issues. 
So i think some are very isolated, and once removed dont cause further issues with the whole body.


My friends case did seem to fit with it being an ‘environmental triggered’ cancer due to the extreme UV ray exposure he was exposed to for years. 

If you have not been exposed to known carcinogenic substances, industrial chemicals, or excess exposure to UV, look to a more ‘whole-istic’ point of view.

From a holistic perspective, many diseases are caused by our perspective of consciousness. Where we hurt, primarily. If we have an outer life unrelenting issue, we then internalise the pain and the body eventually shows the pain, and we classify these as dis-eases - which they are, a place and condition of dis-ease. 

I now understand cancer to represent a ‘knot’ - an issue we can’t solve, it goes round and round, there’s excess energy from you in your life to attend to this issue - this real-life experience of problems perfectly fits the cellular behaviour of cancer, cells that re-produce over and over, aren’t flushed out or detoxed, they remain and wont go, so they form a lump.

The location of your skin tumour (if its not overt chemical/environmental exposure) is a clue to the aspect of your personality that has imbalance.

Right side of body ailments are indicative of left brain thinking imbalance -‘what you DO’ with your life path issues. Its usual for people if theyre on the wrong path in life to get right knee aches and pains, or hips. We walk our life path literally with our legs, so any issues with our path will show up on the legs/knee/feet.


As an example, i walk a wonder mixed with pain/anguish life path, there’s elements of my life that have become a very obvious challenge, that i feel limited in power to change (without affecting many other sentient beings) and i developed a sore callous on my right foot, underneath. I have some weeks when i feel i have a more ‘light hearted’ perspective of my path and the callous isnt painful. Other times when the issues bother me more and i feel angsty, the pain returns, and every step i literally walk is painful.

Im working very hard to keep an even perspective, as its really easy to feel just crap about some stuff of life!

I took a radical action that for a few months changed my life path, basically i just headed for the open-road, without a ‘life plan’ and all my physical pains, food intolerances vanished. Completely. In those months i had the opportunity to learn a huge amount, and the root cause of many illness was just one of them. I’d been studying this for 20yrs so it was nice to reach a eureka moment. 

If the illness is the left side of your body it pertain to more ‘right brain’ imbalance. Your feelings, spirituality, creativity. We can expect to see left body issues with people who cant express themselves, feel diminished, restricted creatively, or spiritually, for whatever reason. Maybe their partner doesnt like the spiritual group theyve joined, or jokes about their musical tastes so they never play and dance to music they like. 
These issues usually start small, but easily fester left unchecked, until something physical manifests.


So i would always recommend for people to assess any issues in their life theyve had for a while, deeper emotional issues we’d rather bury etc….shine a light on that darkness to heal it. Just recognition of a problem can pave the way for healing. 
Many times comments said to us as kids really rotate in the mind and become a belief causing self-esteem issues, even stuff as innocent as your big brother calling you a dumbass when you were kids, as a joke, too many times. We internalise a lot, we dont realise we do. 
Every single person is absolutely astoundingly beautiful in their heart. That beauty is easily eclipsed by ego wounding. 

It may be a simple issue like you have a lodger who’s a pain in the butt, but you wont serve notice to leave because you really need rent money right now - that feeling of being stuck between a rock and hard place soon can fester an illness. Kick that lodger out (respectfully!) - recognise your vibes dont mix well, it causes angst, and you need harmony in your life! Your lodger likely suffers too, but doesnt have the self-awareness that moving-on is best, because the rental is close to his work and he’s decided thats more important than harmony at ‘home’.

I know this stuff is easier said than done, but just being aware of our mind perspective affecting US, and our health, taking that aspect of life more seriously, gives us the power to heal. No herb, no pill, no surgery required when the ‘root mind-emotion-life circumstance cause’ is looked at and solved.


Self-love is under-rated …it’s vital for optimum health 🥰 





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There is a concoction  here called Black SAV I don't know what is in it ,I have seen it, all be it 5 or 6 years ago ,I have never used it but have been personally told by 2 people that do it works well and only attacks the the cancer cells, We have a plant in the garden called radium weed that my wife uses to remove them , and  has done so for years,we have another plant in the garden ,I don't know what its called ,but it is definitely a handle with care variety, the sap will burn a big hole in you if your not careful.

Anyway why are you dicking around, go and get it cut out ,problem solved

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I would avoid putting anything on your skin if I were you.  It is the use of skin products that causes skin cancer in the first place.  Even natural-sounding ones are unlikely to be as pure as you might think.


On 10/16/2022 at 8:17 PM, BeeThrive said:

I know someone who lived in a desert region and thus was exposed to extreme UV rays for years, was an outdoor person and they developed an ‘aggressive’ skin cancer on their ear. It was situated at the back of the ear , just beyond the outer fold. They didnt know they had it, until i noticed it and mentioned they get it looked at. It looked like a brown mole, large, but lumpy. Just like a scab that forms after a bad bug bite or something.

It probably was a mole and was perfectly harmless.  A tumour is essentially wound tissue that grows around some toxic material.  It doesn't sound like this person even had that though.  When a biopsy sample is analysed and the "cancer" cells are labelled malignant, what they are really checking for is multiplication of cells which is what wound tissue does.  This person had probably just scratched their mole causing a minor wound.  There was never any danger and nothing bad would have happened if the thing was left alone.


UV rays alone can not cause cancer.  The whole mutated DNA malarkey is the BS that is used to sell poisons and other harmful treatments as cures.  The products of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are largely the cause of cancer.  Radiation, especially microwaves, does play a role but that would be by destroying Birbeck granules — a kind of extracellular vesicle that captures carcinogenic matter and removes it from the body via the lymphatic system.


Toxins are the cause of all disease.  Imo, this German New Medicine is just another way to deflect blame away from government and the chemical industry, just like the Germ Theory of disease does.


On 10/17/2022 at 11:01 PM, eddy64 said:

if i had skin cancer i'd have it removed asap,  procrastination only leads to bad outcomes :(

I would say it is the seeking of medical intervention that leads to bad outcomes, at least with any treatment that goes beyond the surgical removal of a tumour (and that should only be done when the tumour is easily accessible).  Avoiding the products of Big Chem/Pharma and minimizing exposure to microwave radiation is the way to protect against cancer.

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