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Ickonic platform gets a positive mention on MSM whilst BBC, Netflix etc gets a negative!


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Hope this is ok to post in Todays News.

I was amazed today that Ickonic has got a mention On Talk Radio (and deservedly so).

Isn't it great to see peoples attitudes changing towards main stream media.

I cannot work out how to clip the section from Youtube. If possible can somone with the knowledge do so please, as it is worth a watch (Mike Graham show around 10:26am)

It was a discussion on those who have had sex changes and who have regretted it. 

Well done Ickonic platfrorm and all it's contributors, and please keep up the good work.




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6 minutes ago, lake said:

Ta very much .... I think this is the correct part .... under 3 mins




Thanks lake. I was worried once the live show ended we wouldn't be able to get a clip of it. Great to see Ickonic making a mark.

Thanks again for your assistance.

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3 hours ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

The Ickes aren't referred to by name, so either this slipped through the media net by mistake, or someone is giving Ickonic a helping hand. My cynicism makes me wonder why. 

When I heard it I automatically thought to myself if Talk had know that the guest was going to mention Ickonic they would not of allowed it surely. I think it is more it slipped through….but great it did……heres to more people slipping in alternative media platforms offering good, honest, informative information and debate.

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