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1968 Israeli ‘Shekel’ - Symbolising 9/11 “Fact Checked” - Pandora’s Box


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Even though this really is a 1968 Israeli shekel coin/commemorative coin medal made 33 years before 9/11, apparently it's missing context because fact checkers for FB say that even though this is a fact and what it says, people may believe that's not what it says and that therefore, it actually may mean something else 🤔

Therefore it may not be a fact 😵💫


It maybe wrongfully inferred towards Zionism and Freemasonry for example.

That it represents the twin pillars of Freemasonry, the people who gave Palestine to the Zionists/Rothschild's in the first place. The people who make King Solomon's Temple a centerpiece within their craft as a symbol of both global rulership and conquering the heart.




Creed - Who’s Got My Back


That, although these are the facts, they may not be good enough.

So, you need more context to prove that the context of what was originally stated is not true, even though it I actually s true.

Even if it is true, that's just not the point 🤭

This is so you believe what is initially stated in the first instance isn't really true, even though it is...

You still with me?


'The same image appears on the Cincinnati Judaica Fund and the Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education’s Collections Database, which identifies it as a “French Israeli Six Day War commemorative medal.” The website explains the two parallel objects visible on the medal are the scrolls of the Torah, not towers. The backside of the medal includes Hebrew writing that reads in part, “Under the Star of David, Campaign of 6 Days.'


So, their you have it.



Even though it symbolically represents two phallic symbols that could represent the twin towers, 33 years from production to the false flag attack, with a plane heading towards "the twin towers/the twin pillars of Freemasonry" which is really symbolised by the two opposite ends of torah scrolls, as these people care not a jot for the torah or true torah jews who say that Israel is a theftem by the Rothschild's/Zionists and that it's in direct contrast and complete opposition to the true religion of Judaism, so they want to destroy and shutdown True Torah Jews just as much as they want to shutdown Palestinians…


That this attack, which as we are supposed to believe took place by a few "rag head" hijackers orchestrated from a cave in Afghanistan by people with stanley knives who couldn't fly single jet airplanes, a scenario which started perpetuatal war thereafter upon the Middle East, as was earlier described and desired by the necons in their Project for "their" New American Century PNAC, it definitely doesn't mean that, get that right out of your head.

Even though that's true it’s circumstantial and subjective at best 👌 

It’s circumstances and subjects you shouldn’t speculate upon even for a moment.


9/11 had nothing to do with Zionism and a complete inversion of what you were made to believe by .authorities” and this wasn't foreshadowing freemasonic symbolism a people who make a big deal about 🎩  Master Magicians 🪄 aka Master Masons with the number 33, they're definitely not trying to take the piss out of you and say that you've been cast under a mind spell 🤭 no no no, that's far fetched and speculative. It’s just a theory and there is no conspiracy.




That would be as far fetched as having the only emergency services dog that died that day upon 9/11 being called Sirius...




🌈 Bridge 🕊 




Hopefully, you get the idea factually and contextually because you're human and not a fkin robot.







The designs for the World Trade Center were revealed to the public in January 1964 and construction began in August 1968 - 33 Years before they’d come back down.


The Twin Towers were completed in 1973, though tenants began to arrive in December 1970. 


They say it’s not a shekel because they only started calling them shekel’s in 1980’s. So, even though the same thing would be called a shekel from 1980 onwards, it ain’t an shekel now because it was made prior to 1980, therefore it’s false. That it’s also a commemorative coin and not Israeli currency, it’s considered misleading to call this coin a shekel even though it really did exist and that it really is missing the point and trying to obscure the actual context by making this debate about what term we call the coin.


This scene could be said to be symbolically the sacrifice of the Torah/True Torah Jews themselves by the predetermined attack upon the twin towers, which are here represented as two ends of Torah scrolls, which launched illegal unfounded officially undeclared wars upon the Middle East, bringing nothing but contempt and hatred for both Israel/Zionism and the US to this day. 

That anyone who feels this and has any sense in their minds have therefore researched this and seen underlying Freemasonic connections with Israel/Zionism from even before Israel was officially declared as a nation right up to present day…


That this event was singlehandedly to the demise of True Torah Jews and western political power structures to initiate their demise, symbolised within this coin/medal of working towards symbolically and then actualising, the destruction of the traditional pillars of society, so new pillars, a new society can be made out of the ashes of the old.



Phoenix Symbolism - William Blake, America Prophecy 




Satiric Verses and Epigrams, (E 517)

  "The Phoenix to Mrs Butts


I saw a Bird rise from the East

As a Bird rises from its Nest

With sweetest Songs I ever heard

It sang I am Mrs Butts's Bird

And then I saw a Fairy gay                  

That with this beauteous Bird would play

From a golden cloud she came

She calld the sweet Bird by its name

She call'd it Phoenix! Heavens Dove!

She call'd it all the names of Love              

But the Bird flew fast away

Where little Children sport & play

And they strok'd it with their hands

All their cooe's it understands

The Fairy to my bosom flew                   

Weeping tears of morning dew

I said: Thou foolish whimpring thing

Is not that thy Fairy Ring

Where those Children sport & play

In Fairy fancies light & gay                  

Seem a Child & be a Child

And the Phoenix is beguild

But if thou seem'st a  Fairy thing

Then it flies on glancing Wing

                      WILLIAM BLAKE"




Source Code - Van Scene







Whereas, Jesus had a mother with “no father”, Frankenstein’s monster has a father with no mother…

The Goal of Transhumanism - Transmute the Temple - The war is on the Heart



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The “Great Work” 🌈 A War upon the Heart 🫀Soul Fracturing 🥚 
🐑 Lambs to the Slaughter ☭


“Just as construction of the World Trade Centre Twin Towers/Twin Masonic Pillars began in 1968, built specifically to be brought down by design 33 years later in the Autumn ('Fall') of 2001 as part of a Masonic Ritual psychological operation (psy-op) in line with the New World Order agenda, so it is now with the construction of the 'Twin Pillars' of the Covid-19 psy-op (fake global "pandemic" and subsequent "vaccines") in December 2019/January 2020, built to later be ritually revealed and destroyed some 33 months later in the Autumn ('Fall') of 2022. Build Back Better...BBB/222...2(0)22, anyone?

Ordo Ab Chao...Order Out Of Chaos...the motto of 33rd Degree Freemasonry. Or the Hegelian Dialectic of Thesis-AntiThesis-Synthesis, or the concept of Problem-Reaction-Solution as some may be more familiar. Not hard to see how the world and the Agenda really works when you view the world from that perspective. Controlled demolition of society to rise again like a phoenix from the flames, in their desired "Built Back Better" image.”



Those who don’t change I believe have become bound by an inorganic consciousness similar to A.I. the archontic mind set. 
This is more than just stubbornness.
This is thought form with no feeling/emotional intelligence but that which is mimicked/imitated.
This mindset is less willing to adapt unless it’s over a much vast period of time to change, based upon data received which is data mined, trawled.
It has no intuition and adapts based upon archived knowledge accumulated “once they’ve got the data”. 
Until then, any amount of pain and suffering is possible because it can’t be computed into this organic mindset as they don’t have the data yet, only until after the damage has been done, even if this can be seen happening by everyone else, or at least a great majority.
Some of this is systematic, coldly calculated and deliberate to achieve a certain end that would otherwise be unthinkable to most humans, some is a state of complete ignorance to the otherwise level of damage.
Even then, there’s no emotion only variables, only point A to point B.
This isn’t a man but a predator, imposing their ideals of order, which is impressed upon the minds of the masses so they will become bound by this inorganic state of consciousness without even knowing it. 
Walls are built up within our own minds so the last thing we would want to do is change from these variables. Then, the predator consciousness has us and they start thinking for you.
You become bound to this state of inorganic consciousness and are in denial to anything outside it, to anything which opposes it or calls it out for what it is. You’ve surrendered your authority away for a comfortable existence like a mouse 🐁 taken into the paw of a loving cat 🐈.

It’s only a matter of time until they kill you for sport or simply, for the fun of it.
“Don’t think. Feel. It is like a finger pointing away to the moon”…


Brotherhood of the Wolf / From Hell / Dawn of the Dead 

“People” are at a Crossroads between the demonically possessed and those who don’t want to be demonically possessed.






~The Secret Satanic Death Cult That Runs The World ~


Look up “Sabbatean-Frankist”

This perpetuated into establishment authorities seeking to control them to then influence the mass population and work through them, not least making a home within Freemasonry working through the Royal Bloodlines to achieve this from behind the scenes. What’s on display of this agenda taking place that appears to be “positive and for peace” 🕊 where this agenda is concerned, almost the exact opposite is true every time.
“Climate Change” isn’t to save people and the environment it’s to destroy it.

“Vaccination” isn’t to save lives and protect people, it’s to kill and control.

A “War on Terror” is the Terror!

The “War on Drugs” is a war on people and freedom.

“Sustainable Development” isn’t to secure and protect resources, it’s to ration resources arbitrarily, to control and manage resources centrally, so you’ll have to comply if you want to eat.
It’s about a coldly calculated famine and depopulation.

“Energy Crisis” is an arbitrary crisis to destroy the economy and previous social systems, to offer up a plan for a “sustainable future” that wouldn’t be necessary if they wasn’t doing this and people wouldn’t accept it if they didn’t break peoples spirit by way of such a crisis that they can actually feel.

“Economic Crisis” is to deliberately destroy the economy to offer up the new technocracy. Both these crisis are to trigger WAR. 

All of them are a war upon the human heart and designed to break the human spirit. They’re not to save the human heart and liberate suffering but are coldly calculated to destroy it and are a war directed at the heart of mankind. They’re designed to cause more suffering so more people will be incline to accept the direction/narrative/solution this death cult want to manipulate the masses into taking that they’d otherwise see for what it is resist and object. Instead, many people are resisting and objecting that anything of the sort is actually occurring…







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14 hours ago, shabbirss said:

whoa, alot of dots connecting, thank you danny.
for reference, let me add this video here of the 100 shekel
which has the antichrist face imprinted on it....

im surprised this vid is still online.


Thanks mate for sharing I had no idea about this I’ll take a look into this.

I’m glad someone’s noticed the dots I’m trying to connect 🫣😆


On the surface this goes with another post here…

Particularly the Antichrist connection.

Obviously timely with King Charles, certainly stirring the public consciousness of Princess Diana - Moon Goddess/Society at a Crossroads.

Coincidently - Diana - DNA AI - “She’s a Rebel, she’s a saint” - Publicly at any rate anyone who looks into Diana should see her within a Rosemary’s Baby type scenario. If this is true or all staged is anyones guess at any rate if anyone believes in the Antichrist or not.
It’s really not what I’m getting at or debating, just what’s on public display and suggesting the death cult definitely are playing the Antichrist role/agenda regardless of what anyones belief’s might be when it comes to this issue.

I can see a whole lot of people being exploited as per usual.


Ukraine - War on the Heart 🫀- War on the Sun 🌞 




The War on the Heart continues, these wars are the same wars described as something else - from Covid to Ukraine. They’re not separate.
This is a perpetual war upon the heart throughout the ages.

The war upon the heart is also a war upon the Sun 🌞 such as this information is come to us through “The Sun” Newspaper - Jabs Army “Heart”.


It’s moon o’clock - Operation Moonshot - The Moonchild - The Antichrist which is opposed to “The Sun of God” - What “opposes” the Sun 🌞 is the Moon 🌚The Twin Pillar’s”.

Hence moonchild to those who don’t get it.
This is the meaning behind Aleister Crowley’s Novel The Moonchild.




COVID was almost always signalled to us via the NHS with the freemasonic blue and yellow colours that has now been transitioned to the Ukraine 🇺🇦 to perpetuate exactly the same agenda and crisis/war upon the Heart/Sun - “Golden Gate Bridge” - You could say to close the kingdom of heaven from the biblical perspective, to shut off higher states of consciousness. This is symbolically what the collapse of Golden Gate Bridge would represent and why it is shown as collapsing in so many movies, similar to 9/11 type subliminal/subconscious programming - foreshadowing.
Looking at 9/11 the twin pillars can also be said to represent this passage/gateway/bridge between the earth and heavenly realms. 






The Heart sacrifice offered up to the Sun 🌞 



For good measure 📐 “No Vaccine” - She’s a Rebel 😉

But, maybe this one is a little mischievous, but fitting at any rate.

“Crossroads” Mall


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To Understand Sabbatian Frankism, Is To Understand The World - David Icke (In 2019)





They’re taking the piss out of us and have been doing it for years. 

It’s like a febreze advert.



The overt racism and cancel culture in mainstream advertising is shocking now. The white guy either not there at all, despite one of everybody else, or this. Some absolute dork on the periphery with jumper tucked into his trousers, and it looks like they've even put lipstick on him. 

If they did that to others there would be uproar. Everyone else cool, included, fashionable, happy, apart from some weirdo on the end.” - E. P.




The war is on men with a backbone. 


Cancel culture is deleting people in general with a backbone starting with men classing all men as “toxic masculinity”. Specifically the traditional male traits and characteristics under the phoney context of male anger and rage, for that of a passive order follower who will do anything for an easy existence or virtue signal their self importance through the scope of “individuality” or freedom even if those freedoms negate the traditional male characteristics…

This isn’t “liberation”, it’s called being a douchebag and not knowing where your head starts and your arse begins.

This is called being led down the garden path, toward your own demise. 

This is just one example of their methods for reducing that “toxic masculinity”. Through PR.




You can edit and marginalise white men beyond all recognition without compromise or protest. 

People are so politically correct they will pretend they don’t even see this because they have their heads buried deeply up their own arse and it’s designed to trap and ensnare those who do see it, so they can be marginalised as displaying “toxic masculinity brought on by their own insecurities and inferiority complex” that they’re all racists, bigots, homophobic etc etc

This is called controlling the narrative. You can’t object or even be given a platform to go against what’s desired and planned like those Transgender and Transhumaniste now more and more being given a platform. They attack anyone who objects to that desired narrative…


Any other racial type or gender and their would be hell to pay for this.

This is called equality and inclusivity. 

I call it laughing in your face. 

Dr Richard Day “They will make all boys and girls the same”.

This is ultimately to do with Transhumanism. 

First comes the Transgender Agenda.




This will reduce women to a test tube in a laboratory and compassion/heart based consciousness will be removed for A.I. consciousness and they’ll call it SMART and reshape the traditional family unit which will be obliterated beyond all recognition, alongside this assault upon “toxic masculinity”. 

These are baby steps towards that end and creating a world of Frankenstein’s Abominations.




Does this not sound like extremism or simply the ravings of a lunatic?

They’re happening. These things are taking place.

They’re part of a coldly calculated agenda. 

That’s the problem.

And until people realise and understand this they will just appear to be the ravings of a lunatic.




All the above are the best my “toxic masculinity” can conjure up for now.
Equality comes from a test tube 
🧪 where we animate the dead ⚡
Hopefully this will make more sense to see where I’m coming from above for those who can’t see it.


Frankenstein 2004



Dr Richard Day


Short version…



Longer version…



David Icke Dot Connector EP 4 - Dr. Richard Day New World Order

Plans for a New Jerusalem - Zion - Globalists



PNAC David Icke


To Understand The World Is To Know The Scale Of Evil That Runs It - David Icke Dot Connector Videocast








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These are examples of the message for those who can’t see it so hopefully more people can see what’s being got at…


A Brutal Society - Everyone for themselves?


CIA - Patch - Drug Control 




SMART CITIES / Metropolis / Human Settlement Zones










What you act…



You become?




Clear the Way - Land




Children of Men - Birth Control/Population Control - Also see Frankenstein for Biolab Alternative Transhumanist Type Mankind Planned to Replace Natural Birth aka Destroy the Traditional Family Unit



Demise Pill - “What’s Wrong?”




“Might as well die of cancer as anything, you’ve gotta die of something…”

Enter radiation



Unaffordable Medical Care - Tightly Controlled - No Options for “Everyday People” you’re just expected to lay down and die…



Weather Manipulation Weapon of War - Geoengineering - Geostorm




"I believe that there is an existing religion that is ready to be as a shell for something new that is being injected into it".



More time in schools but the pupils wouldn’t learn anything - Indoctrination - The Clean and the Unclean 



Controlling who has access to information ℹ️ Censorship 

“Why me?”

“Hey, I’m just doing my job.”

🕸️ The Age of Information - 🍕 Pizza.Net 🕷 

SMART” Systems/Grid - Technocracy

“The Perfect Hiding Place”? 

Think again…



Jungle Atmosphere/Use Crime to Manage Society - “The Fall of Man”





Paradise - The Island 🏝 



Falsified Scientific Research 

Enter COVID - Climate Change - Fracking even being pushed by those who are pushing the fear of human caused Climate Change… 




The use of terrorism to transform society…

The Siege



Fake Terrorists - Think-tank thought it up “PNAC”



Watching me watching you, it’s the best we can do.

TV’s that watch you - Aka taking the piss of such.



Pandemonium - Your Evil Ways 






We want your Soul



I hope this finds you well ✊🏻

At the very least I’ve given some people more than enough to watch over the weekend.
* Watch them within the right mindset to see this, you may see the bigger picture *

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On 10/31/2022 at 9:08 PM, Youknownothingbutyou said:

Epic thread


i dont agree with everything, but one would have to be a shill to not at least understand where our society is clearly going


Well I’m glad you found it interesting.


By far the most important thing to note is, those towers went up to be brought down by such a staged event. This was to signal a collapse of society as we’ve known it, placating to peoples fears, exploiting their insecurities and weaknesses then making them guilty about having such fears and insecurities.

This keeps people within knots and those affected, under the control of those doing the binding.


I hope you’re sitting down 😆





We can all see those twin towers replicated by cigarettes.

We’re not stupid we know they’re actually cigarettes don’t we?

We also can see they symbolically represent the twin towers and that it’s no coincidence but taking the piss.

We can all see that the Jewish 6 day war commemorative medal.

We ‘re not stupid we can see the medal actually symbolises the Torah scroll don’t we?

We can also see they symbolically represent the twin towers and that it’s no coincidence but taking the piss.

It should remain clear that whilst this also represents the twin towers it represents the Torah itself and is a war on True Torah Jews who resent Israel and Zionism more than anyone and as such symbolises a war upon them by consolidating the stance of Israel through these Zionists doing the bidding of the globalists, aided and abetted by freemasonry, as Zionism is Freemasonry in drag.


Also see The War Game 1966. 

Here’s a post I made earlier…

You’ll see one of the earliest examples of 9/11 combined with their hunger games society - rationing as part of their Great Reset Agenda…


9/11 represents a war/collapse upon the traditional pillars of our society and a war upon the heavens.

The twin towers collapsed so King Solomon’s temple could be built, as a centre piece for this global conquest. Playing religion against religion, so the one world religion could be offered up by binding them together. Particularly through using Judaism, Christianity and Islam, then preaching to the new age which combines eastern religions, particularly through the use of Theosophy, even if they choose to call it something else.

None of these are inherently bad or evil, it’s the intent of misusing the knowledge and wisdom from all to create a system of total control through a central establishment power. This exists to exploit and hijack peoples beliefs to control their minds. Some may say as they always have. However, this central power is eventually designed to be the all-seeing A.I. Technocracy. Their “SMART” system. That’s not so smart at all.

It’s designed to give everyone the same perspective, the same control which is different and this is being done under “diversity” and a “multicultural ethos”.



From the dawn of religion the pillar, monolith or built-up, has played an important part in the worship of the Unseen.

From the huge boulders of Stonehenge, among which the Druids are supposed to have, performed their rites, through East Indian temples to the religion of ancient Egypt, scholars trace the use of pillars as an essential part of religious worship; indeed, in Egypt the obelisk stood for the very presence of the Sun God himself.


This false flag was setup to make people feel as though this was a very war upon our way of life so people will give their powers and freedom away and so effectively, our very way of life could be changed, after using this as the very thing people we’re supposedly fighting against.

This is classic inversion by the death cult.

9/11 was the “trigger” point for their great reset.

It lay out stepping stones to lead us to where we are today facing agenda 21/30 and such bullshit.


The globalist system is centred upon Jerusalem and the rebuilding of King Solomons Temple, which represents both the conquest of earth and the hearts/minds of mankind.
This has been the great work of freemasonry.

This is through Transhumanism. 

The new temple/synagogue of Satan, is the hijacking of the body/mind through technology.
You can view this as physically or simply by jacking the eye 
👁 through a “Corona” virus, aka a Mind Virus.

This is so we see what they want us to see, we project the reality those behind this want us to project, so we will go on to replicate their reality, often whilst believing it to be our own without any interference whatsoever.

The way we are played like musical instruments and this is to become more streamlined and embedded through the use of technology.


You don’t have to be religious to see that those behind this are exploiting religion to play this out, as religion is fundamental to the reality many people are projecting. The old methods of religion are being updated.

Their divide and control is now becoming their unify and control by us all believing and perceiving the same thing.  Anyone who defies this are the evil ones wanting a state of perpetual war.

Anything else is fake news, missing context and you should be silenced and deplatformed if you don’t sing from the same hymn sheet. This is where we are and where this is going.





I would say, this was setup to be destroyed so King Solomon’s Temple could be rebuilt within Jerusalem and 9/11 was a ritual event to achieve this.

Essentially, building up a straw man, a symbolic representation of King Solomon’s Temple to be knocked down. 

Many people can’t get their minds around such a thing being a straw man, like a kid may build a sand castle just to kick it back over.

This is exactly what it was to those rich kids who built this to knock it down, but a sand castle that would be exploited so what they really wanted to build, could be built as a consequence of destroying their own sand castle 🏰 but blaming another kid they didn’t like, so big brother would go around and blow up their actual house.

A sand castle that symbolically and ritualistically represented King Solomon’s Temple, so the symbolic destruction of that representation could be exploited to build the real thing, their temple and set humanity on a collision course of its own demise.

We had to essentially enter into this and carry this out for them, otherwise they simply couldn’t achieve their goals.


This is slightly different than what is stated above in those images.

The hijacking of our minds in some respect is so we confuse the symbolic with reality itself.
This is the cornerstone of their whole deception.

Like tearing up a map and making us believe the territory itself has also been destroyed as a consequence of them destroying a map and not just one map itself.

This is done time and time again, most commonly, by associating one persons identity upon a passport, that doesn’t even have to be real, with the collective will of a whole nation that passport is said to represent, to justify actually blowing it up and killing masses of people to achieve some obscure end society is mostly in the dark about.


When you can get your head around to this way of thinking, perceiving what has taken place here, it makes that commemorative coin/medal appear very differently doesn’t it.

At least I’d hope so.

They’re exploiting religion to achieve this, perhaps even freemasonry itself, even though freemasonry is most definitely one of their greatest vehicles to implement what they’re doing and couldn’t have done this without freemasonry and it’s offshoot organisation’s that work towards the same ends under yet another name.




This is just how I see it and people can think what they want.

I just believe it’s beyond important that people can see, understand and accept that they’re actually being exploited and manipulated beyond all belief, even if they view some detail differently.

Know that we’re collectively being shafted whilst these sick fucks think it’s all one big joke we’re too stupid enough to realise and so deserve to have our minds fucked with.
As on some morbid energetic level, they’re right.





Dark City 




I written this yesterday checked David Ickes channel and just come across this as luck would have it…


David icke Exposes 9/11 On Czech Podcast



I add a few other historical videos for context here:


To understand this context I’m putting forward, it’s important to understand PNAC and Necon’s.
These are arms of globalism that are predominantly working for the interests of Zionism, historically having root within Sabbatean Frankists.

I would suggest this inversion network takes place through Freemasonry, just as today it continues to be seen playing a hand and massive role within Zionism.

Freemasonry itself is an occult inversion of Christianity.

I would also suggest that one day starting for shit and giggles, the church thought wondered what would our enemy look like and if we created it and played it, they then created Freemasonry to be their exact opposite of Christianity. Then they started to do exactly the same with other religions, therefore leading to Sabbatean Frankism and Zionism.

Probably as a scientific operation to see if these patterns could even corrupt good men even if they’re dressed up as virtues through the likes of Freemasonry. It can, does and has.




Adolf Hitler Against New World Order



Israel in Palestine






PNAC David Icke





The Greatest Story Never Told - Part 4 - ZIONISM versus BOLSHEVISM


In truth, the globalists slight of hand of the Jewish people to play out end times prophecy.





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On 10/27/2022 at 2:39 AM, truepositive said:

You dug up some great nuggets there. Will have to check it all out, in sequence too perhaps?

Even if not all the dots actually connect there's lots of food for thought here, thanks.

Thanks mate.

Their probably is a sequence I try to place things in a sort of synchronistic order as I see them but you’re basically looking at my thought process articulated best I can.

No worries I’ve added some more info above you maybe interested in.


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Widen Your Gaze




The Unwinking Gaze



Mind Control 




He too refers to his “famous stare”, in which he would hold the eyes of the person looking at him much longer than was normal. The word “charisma” has Greek roots meaning a divinely bestowed gift or power and many Germans did indeed perceive Hitler as someone sent by the gods to lead their country to greatness.




"In Eliphas Levi's DOGME ET RITUEL DE LA HAUTE MAGIE," Tautriadelta wrote, "we find the most elaborate directions for working magic spells. Black magic employs the agencies of evil spirits and demons. It is in the list of substances prescribed for evocation that we find the links which join necromancy with the quest of the East End murderer. These substances can only be obtained by murder and mutilation. Among them are strips of the skin of a suicide, nails from a murderer's gallows, candles made from human fat, and a preparation made from a certain portion of the body of a harlot.

"In the practice of evocation, the sacrifice of human victims is a necessary part of the process, as is the profanation of the cross. In this connection, it is well to remember one of the most extraordinary and unparalleled circumstances in the commission of the Whitechapel murders, and a thing which could not by any possibility have been brought about fortuitously. Leaving out the last murder, committed indoors, we find that the sites of the murders form a perfect cross."




Widen Your Gaze



Angels and Demons 





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The Great Reset - Code for taking the absolute piss







'The great pause': one of five parts of the campaign


The Great Reset campaign launches with five creative ideas for different media channels











The Great Reset: Research and Technology






Online Collaboration and the “Great Reset”




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