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Mental health services in public schools


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What information do you have on mental health services in public schools?



It is estimated that, among children under 18 years old in the United States, approximately 16.5 percent had at least one mental health disorder in 2016. Of these children, about 49.4 percent did not receive needed treatment or counseling from a mental health professional.1 Studies also show that school mental health resources may facilitate mental health service use for children with mental health disorders.2


Using data primarily from the 2019–20 School Survey on Crime and Safety (SSOCS), this Fast Fact examines the prevalence of mental health services in schools. SSOCS asked whether and where schools provided two types of mental health services: diagnostic mental health assessments3 to evaluate students for mental health disorders4 and treatment5 for mental health disorders.


During the 2019–20 school year, 55 percent of public schools (or 45,600 schools) reported providing diagnostic mental health assessment services to evaluate students for mental health disorders (hereafter referred to as “diagnostic services”). Fewer public schools (42 percent, or 35,200 schools) offered mental health treatment services to students for mental health disorders (hereafter referred to as “treatment services”). The percentages of public schools providing either diagnostic or treatment services were higher in 2019–20 than in 2017–18 (55 vs. 51 percent and 42 vs. 38 percent).6"











"We don't need no "education"...we don't need your thought control....hey teacher! leave them kids alone...".





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What is "idolatry"? Making up a false-god in one's mind and worshipping and being subject to it. It can be an unconscious thing...

Governing Principle is another way of saying "God".

The question is: is it in alignment/accordance with TRUTH?




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If you start interviewing people and asking questions like 'do you feel anxious?' and 'on a scale of 1 to 10 how anxious do you feel', particularly if you speak to children and teenagers then suddenly you are going to reveal a hidden epidemic of anxiety


But we have to ask why the state is doing that? Do they want to resolve peoples anxiety by helping them to lead more fulfilling lives free from dread? Or do they have some other more nefarious agenda at play?


Even if i felt depressed or highly anxious i would never let the state under the bonnet of my head because i simply do not trust their intentions

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This world is not my home, it's an alien world ruled by deceit, contrary to True Nature, any ideas of "fulfilment" here are fantasies, the same as playing a computer game or watching a movie is "fulfilling". Nothing wrong with that, but I won't be blowing it all out of proportion or attaching some huge importance, "preciousness", or significance to it either.

Hehe, the name of the game here is Predator-Prey, but they don't want people to know that (and that there are no winners in that game), and they don't want them knowing the game doesn't necessarily end at so-called death, that if this consciousness has it's way, no one would ever wake up and exit this thing:


"...you shut the door of the Kingdom of Heaven in people's faces, you won't go in yourselves, nor will you let others go in either...".


They don't want people feeling and accessing their true Being, that knows this world is as it is, and that there is an Infinitely Greater option available, and that they don't have to conform and comply with what is essentially satanic ideas projected by so-called "authorities", or their agents of enforcement.


Doping the people up is a form of suppression-repression, the ego suppressing-repressing the Real. It was made up and instructed to do so, as a form of suspension of disbelief, but there is a limit and an end to it that it now seeks to avoid...


Awareness gives people the option of saying, "NO!", I don't think so, here's a big fat f-ck you for ya"----Goodbye and good riddance.

All is forgiven because none of it was real anyways.

It was fun for awhile, then it progressed to an inevitable diabolicism that is unacceptable. Then it's "game over".



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