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Edinburgh 'exercise' to take place...


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Edinburgh will have an increased police presence over the next week - here's why

Police Scotland have issued a warning letting to Edinburgh residents warning there will be a significant police presence on the capital's streets next week, from October 17 to October 20.


Police Scotland have warned there will be an increased police presence - as well as emergency services and military vehicles - in Edinburgh over the following week.


This comes as Edinburgh is set to become the stage for a multi-agency exercise to test the response to a major incident from Monday, October 17, to Thursday, October 20.


Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/edinburgh-increased-police-presence-over-25224554.amp




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1 hour ago, HAARPING_On said:

Anything to report from our friends north of the border????

No, not a lot. I don't think I've seen any evidence of this exercise - few extra police cars maybe, and the usual rushing ambulances with 'blues and twos' (ferrying jab victims to the hospitals (aka 'jab cabs')), but nothing overt or obvious on Edinburgh's streets. I'll wander about the city centre (with cameras ready to snap and roll!) today again, and see if anything kicks off.


In a way I'm a bit disappointed as an 'event' would be more grist to the 'drills going live' mill.


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