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Sun pulsating


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No, the sun is not pulsating - in those videos he shows, in the first two that looks like the camera self-adjusting light levels as you can see brightness levels changing in other parts of the video. And the third one is as he says himself, caused by movement of the trees obscuring the sun.

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On 10/9/2022 at 3:35 AM, JONJAY79 said:

I'm hearing this more and more this year. 

Sun pulsating. 





Yes. Many people have noticed this. Also, the colour and the blinding light of the sun is different. It feels different. It is not a static object. It is transforming in response to 'cosmic' energies and to Us and the Information stored in what we see as Nature External to Us. The invisible radiation it is giving out---the information---is affecting plants, animals differently...There are halos and rainbow colors around it---not seen before. There are other objects close to it that are bringing about these changes. Many ancient cultures have different stories all more or less telling the same thing. The Hopis for instance, have he story of a Blue Kachina and Red Kachina---a star family that returns---when the constellations reach a certain alignment..Other cultures have stories of the sun being 'eaten up'...In 'science' terms, they are calling it an expected solar nova event without giving the cause as usual and of course with a far off timeline so people are not running around scared. The Why is very important and is seldom discussed in great detail. 


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