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Mumsnet - How do you tidy your minge?


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Talking of tidying your ladies garden, a lady I know had a very tight husband who controlled the purse strings in their relationship. She needed new knickers, he said he couldn't afford to buy her any, so the next time they went to Lidl she bent over one of the lower shelves and he saw she wasn't wearing any pants!🤨 'Where's yer knickers'?

he whispered to her. She said 'they're old and worn out, I had to bin them'!  He fumbled about in his pocket and produced a pound coin 'here' he said and handed her the coin.

'That's no good to me' she said 'I can't get knickers for a pound anymore'! { she used to buy thongs for a pound each when she was single, but 99p's worth were up the crack of her arse to be honest } He replied 'no, that's true, you can't, but you can buy a comb and tidy yourself up a bit'!🤭

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