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Now they know they're trans IN THE WOMB


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also.. "

In the wake of scandals at Boston Children's, the hospital has been subject to a harassment campaign and have been inundated with bomb scares and threats.

Other children's hospitals where gender-affirming care is offered, such as the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, the Vanderbilt Medical Center's Clinic for Transgender Health, and Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago have been forced to severely curtail services or shift all appointments to telehealth platforms in response to the hostility."

This sort of behavior if true (making threats to the hospitals) only serves to make people side with the hospitals policy, as they don't want to be associated with 'extremists' and violence. Even though they already are by supporting the hospitals. Is it foolishness, arrogance or just some form of opposing brain formation, like left and right ideology? What creates these patterns of left and right ideology is mind control, splitting and dividing the population.

ps.  don't listen to music loudly which contains digitally created electronica (analogue isn't anywhere near as damaging) in order to be more sound of mind.


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