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Chuck the Turd:The Real Reason For Not Attending COP27


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As if his high and mighty loftiness would allow himself to miss his beloved Climate Stink Tank and an opportunity to pompously pontificate to the plebs on the orders of Truss,Bojo's temporary Placeholder.


He is staying safely in his bunker for whatever shenanigans the Insaniacs have planned for November,from fake Asteroids care of DART,or fake Volcano courtesy of some planted explosives in La Palma.


The dystopic movie script is rattling along and we Extras are in for a rough ride:stock up your tins of Spam!




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It would be interesting to learn who else has backed out.


Remember Lucky Larry missing his regular breakfast in the Tower on 911.


And those lucky Redshield  Banksters who cancelled at the last minute from the Titanic maiden voyage,while those opposing the Fed did not.




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On 10/28/2022 at 2:27 PM, Niknik said:

Now Rishi Sunak has pulled out and Prince William pulled out of World Cup.


I tell you something is afoot next month.


Check out yt channel "IsraelDiegoRiveraGenius2The Real Genius" for interesting take on this,including:


Trump to RerunAnnouncement.

Artemis Moon Rocket.

Leonid Meteor Shower 17-19 Nov.

Operation Warpspeed.

First clotshot Wm Shakespeare.

World Cup.

Match of the Day flashing All Seeing Eye Illuminati Sigils.


All the World's a Stage and the Next Act is Waiting to be performed.


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