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Dreams and visions

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visions at work


update 3

That demi urge, that creation of Gods perpetrating all of these delusions on earth that we arent Gods power we arent love and peace, the entire laundry list of its deeds as the catalyst to us having had enough and saying no we refuse to continue being what we are not, no from here on only those human tools on this earth that are yours will be rendered stupefied by these deception because it is due to you and your lot.

No more having bad days no more of your entities inspiring strife and division and calling from the visions of enoch all evil and wickedness will be removed from the earth, from us, you have done your job in exemplifying every down ward directed energy that is and can ever be and we are quite fed up and summon elation

ive been getting like a constant flow on this but also that some readers are practicing quiet mind open minds eye are getting info as it should be.. The synergy in this is the unique interpretation via minds eye visualizations absent of thought.

ALL downward energies, "oh so youve come to feed on my energy again, take your entities and leave or come into the light of Christ"

edit 2

i guess this part needed to be posted as well, among the flow of these continuous visions yesterday was a singular point , you could say.. " you demi urge, manipulate all difficulties to seduce my mind into a suffering state so you can consume my energy, but i am one in authority over you and the promise which, in fact, that comes a point i will cooperate in transforming this flesh and this world into a light body. there is no win for you and for these things should i choose not to suffer them then you must. your power of seduction into suffering must lie before me as non existant and all the suffering youd consume will take you alone"


When David Icke talks about demons and how they manipulate us hes right on but in his ignorance says satan created this world which is not true.

edit 3

during this series of visions i kept seeing that joy of returning to source state idk maybe im kinda dense in this lower form but God had to make it obvious, "do not suffer the serpents suffering but give it back to him and speak prayer on behalf of the world in that". presence of the word just now.

by denying his entities room for all lower things of emotion and mind and praying within the Christ you are for the world to give back unto his realm all manner of internal suffering, this is a work of transformation. you may bring unto us trials and we will overwhelmingly pour onto you and within you and all your agents of seduction into suffering times more internal suffering , you will no longer be exempt due to ignorance but fully culpable.

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He is speaking about God and Christ essentially although my perspective transcends that limited framework of universality. I dont and havent for many years seen any difference between how a scientific set of descriptions like this detracts from how i relate to our consciousness. if this is Q's 40k foot view, what ive been shown is immeasurably beyond that

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