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Dreams and visions

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david icke talking around the subject from a victim mentality perception. reincarnation isnt a trap, as ive mentioned from other visions this is the fulfillment of the knowledge of good and evil. though i need to correct the aire i put on this earlier with being held to account for the downshift into a lower realm earth before we Got here we knew this was the plan, the downshift is the catalyst for the up shift as that blind following into impurity and darkness reveals Gods power in us to give us the insight to shift upwards

this ties into the drawing from realms visions.

David youre perspective is victim and you need to realize thats not correct, weve spent centuries manifesting to downshift the entire planet for a reason, blindly succumbing to the matrix of deception hosted by demonic entities to entrap them in it through down shifting the world using the power of God in us so that when we upshift to the original earth, you had that right, their lower version could contain them all. but yeah i went through the victim thing too, just pulling out in fact

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107 realizes the truth finally, my last few articles on reddit cover this, actually a bunch of them do. turning from your materialistic perceptions to the perception from Christ within is repentance and it requires humility.


Juan says were not talking weeks or months for this shit show dragging on , the implication is it wont end so long as we bar that critical point of perception from emerging and that could literally be hundreds of years. we are harmonious and joyful in our oneness in Christ and God, whats youre lame ass excuse for getting seduced into this fucking hell on earth drama? hint: there are no excuses. bring that oneness to the fore or youre aiding and abetting the other

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Ive had several dreams and visions about a nuclear event through the decades from the age of 11 on. First day of lockdown i saw massive depopulation in a vision which echoed back to dreams in the 90's. the sum of all fears or the sum of all ignorance?

Hopefully God will give me some insights here, one thing is certain is im not taking ownership of anything but the love we are as a spiritual community.

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