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Who do you think you are kidding, Mrs. Truss?


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'Liz Truss to attend first meeting of European nations club.'


'One diplomat told the BBC that Britain had suggested a name change - to the European Political Forum. It is thought this change is so the project does not sound too much like the European Community, an earlier name of the EU.' (How cunning!) 


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The woman is a fake. She was a Lib Dem who was against Brexit, now she is a Con who apparently is now ok with brexit. She was strongly against the Royals now apparently she loves them. Say no more about the bollox that is politics and why the ilks like her are destroying our world as we know it.

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This wording is no accident...


“We believe in making it easier for our wealth creators, doers and makers to get things done...

Britain’s economy needs a reset. We cannot continue on the current trajectory of managed decline. Instead, we must take a new direction. I will lead us down that path to a better future.”





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