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The upcoming abdication of King William V, which will ultimately end the monarchy in the U.K..

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On 9/11/2022 at 4:41 PM, numnuts said:

It's Prince William we want to worry about. Regardless of whether he is actually a freemason, or just a fellatioer of, matters not. He is their man. Charles won't abdicate the throne, which will be William's role. I wouldn't be surprised, if Charles gets bumped off somehow, in the next few years. This would be because it's hard to complete the denationalisation of the U.K., in the mass consciousness of the general public, with a monarchy still in place. This is why, in the past decade or so, we have seen the streamlining of the royal family; Harry being shipped off to the U.S., under the guidance of M.K. Megan; Andrew's reputation heavily attacked; and, more recently, Charles's reputation also attacked. As for Prince Edward, I think he has been willingly sidelined. They don't want there to be any viable alternatives to William, when the time comes. One thing I constantly notice, on various threads, on various internet forums, of a certain ilk, is how Prince William seems to avoid a lot of the proverbial royal bashing. Funny that...


I made the above post on another thread. I think that this is an important topic, so I have now decided to start this thread on it as well.

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Same agenda in Denmark.





'We are all very sad': Prince Joachim of Denmark says his four children have been 'harmed' by their grandmother Queen Margrethe's decision to strip them of their royal titles - and says he was only told five DAYS before the shock announcement.

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