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1 minute ago, 78ast78dgyad said:


You don't think they will actually do it though.




Why not? They're doing everything else you could imagine in an Orwellian nightmare. It's like they're on a heater at a casino with a crazed, bloodshot 4am stare in their eyes. Why stop now.

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3 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


What happens when nutcases that view us as useless eaters no longer need us because automation is making most humans obsolete? No need to answer, I think you can see where I'm going with this.


Just look deep into their psychopathic eyes when they are talking. I think the answer is rather obvious.

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6 hours ago, 78ast78dgyad said:

This is so disturbing


They really are going to kill about 80% of us off



Who want's to be in an illusion(insane asylum) run by the most nutty characters anyways? It's a dream gone off the deep end...and it was destined by untruth to do so.

Jesus said; "...don't invest too much in this world, it's not worth it..."


Infinite Love Is the Only Truth,,, anything else is nothing and nowhere...a temporary  dream, illusion, fantasy, perception, delusion, based on untruth= unreal.  No real consequence, no real effect.

The Real is Eternal. Nothing of Real value is ever lost or destroyed. What God Created Is safe forever.



ps; "they" can't "kill" anything...the "enemy" is within... and so is the Savior

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On 12/16/2020 at 7:59 AM, Mr H said:

I was thinking about the great reset from a financial perspective last night.


I had some things I will say, but I'm not sure if I'm barking up the wrong tree on this one - I'm not an economist.


But a lot of people are questioning about the destruction of the economy. And the question is why would they do that?


And I was thinking last night, do they actually require the real economy in this new system? 


I was just contemplating that perhaps they don't...... AT ALL!


If you have a counterfeiting money printing machine that can print money ad finitum. Then you have either a global government or some strong multi-national agreements. Then you don't need the real economy at all. And robots, AI and a handful of humans can produce the shit that people want to buy with the free government money they received and so on. No need at all for humans to be in the real economy at all in this situation. Or to a bare minimum. Of course you only get your money if you do abc.....


I guess this is kind of what D Icke has been saying, think this is the first time I kind of worked it through in my mind.

I said on the corona-virus mega thread a few weeks ago, most of the worlds governments are borrowing money from international banks. All this money, weather it be, pounds sterling, euro dollars, U.S dollars, Australian dollars, South African Rand or the Brazilian Real is manifested out of thin air. It does not exist. it is nothing more than numbers on a computer screen some where. How-ever, there will come a time when, through the manipulation of figures and the wonderful life saving vaccine the fake pandemic will come to an end. Then, they will be telling us that because of all the, non-existent, money they have had to borrow to keep us safe and protect the economy, etc, we have got to start paying it back. We can do this by massively increasing taxes on every thing or we can enter into a new international monetary system where all debts are set at zero and we will owe nothing. All currency will be digital, no cash. This will be the economic reset, the fourth industrial revolution. Trust me my friend when I say it will NOT be for the benefit of the human race as a whole. This whole covid scare is working very well for the cabal so far. They have succeeded in inducing fear into the majority of people simply by getting them to believe in their own physical mortality. Fear is a very powerful emotion which they are exploiting to the full. 

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Was watching the following video



And came across the point that the Australian gov have the fourth Industrial revolution within their Industry 4.0 Testlabs in Australia.


So I thought Id see what the UK gov has to say on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Great Reset, You know, the one the fact checkers say is a conspiracy theory.





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  • Bombadil changed the title to The Great Reset

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