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Sunday 25th September 2022

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Government Pushs A “Digital Dollar” So It Can Seize Assets At Will & Enslave Humanity


Kansas Cop Tased a 12yo Autistic Boy Who Was Handcuffed, Shackled, and Hogtied


The Eiffel Tower turns off lights early to save electricity as France faces energy crisis


Across the World, Digital IDs and Digital Currencies Are Coming Unless We Put a Stop to Them


It was always planned: San Francisco Police Get Access To Private Security Cameras In Real Time Including Amazon’s Ring and Google’s Nest ‘security’ systems


Cult-owned PayPal Closes Account of Anti-Paedophile Group – But Keeps Pro-Paedophile Group Account Open. Anyone who reads my books will know why


Oh, so they can’t manipulate the weather, right?? WRONG. As I have been saying for decades they have been doing it since the first half of the 20th century and perfect it by the day. Climate change anyone?


A Biden lost: This is both ridiculous and deeply sinister – how a senile man has been scammed to be President of the United States so his unelected Cult-owned handlers can control America and the wider world


The End of Big Pharma – The End of Fear: German New Medicine. The late creator Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer was demonised by the Cult to confirm that he was right


“Lets Not Put A Gloss On It. This Is Medical Murder” – Dr Mike Yeadon Talks To Right Now


Yuval Noah Harari – Confirming What I’ve Said Is True – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast


The Biggest Secret – £12/$12 All Weekend


Flashback: Transhumanism Is The New Religion For Postmodern Times


Chinese despot Xi Jinping jails minister for LIFE in huge crackdown on dissent ahead of Communist Party conference where he will be given third time as president


CO2 Has Almost No Effect on Global Temperature, Says Leading Climate Scientist


System sycophant and fake vaccine pusher Elton John gives White House performance for Biden and ‘history makers’ – and is handed an award for ‘fighting’ a ‘virus’ (HIV) never shown to exist


The doctor of tomorrow (and increasingly today) as a central figure of the NWO


Venezuela Empties Prisons and Sends Criminals to US Border: House Republicans



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