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DI Forum mentioned in Daily Mail


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22 hours ago, JCP said:

Another thought is that if we all toed the line and were super careful with what we wrote, that they could use AI Chat Bots to create false accounts and post statements that break the rules to give reason to shut us down. There are many claims on the net that over 60% of comments made on chat sites and social media are AI generated. I was going to create a topic about this, but never did. There are plenty of advertisements for AI chat bots online if you do a search. Many of them are used for customer support, however a lot of them are being used for a more nefarious agenda and to sway public opinion.


I think I have encountered some on this form, but I can't be sure so I won't mention them. One in particular was so obvious that I had to ask if they were a bot, and they never made another post since. If they were human, I sincerely apologize; but if they were a bot, I'm sure they will return under another alias and learn from that experience.   


Those bots are really easy to get up and running today. The best ones can even pass the Turing Test, even if they aren't actually sentient. That said, a devious clever human can always outsmart them, unlike a sheep person.

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21 minutes ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

When I was a kid conspiracies were fun...


i have to admit it was quite amusing to watch all the neo-marxists that had called me a 'conspiracy theorist' online for years then immerse themselves in the big nothing burger conspiracy theory that was trump collusion with russia. They became the biggest conspiracy theorists around but didn't even manage to coalesce around a conspiracy that held water: CLOWNS

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5 hours ago, Macnamara said:

yeah but how many of those bandwagons are seeded here by bad actors?


77th brigade operatives can run multiple username accounts and can create a false sense of traction behind any topic they want. They can make up whatever they like and make it into a bandwagon.


Not just here either. "Free speech platforms" such as BitChute and BrandNewTube are host to many videos that contain what I would label as 'questionable content'.


Though I don't use it myself, there are numerous groups on Telegram, that share various pieces of information, as well as videos hosted on the afore-mentioned platforms.


It doesn't take much for 'bad actors' to create misinfo/disinfo, seed it into the various Telegram groups and other social media platforms, then all of a sudden you'll have a 'new member' pop up here on this forum, and then start a new topic to 'share' such content (even if there is already an existing thread on the same subject) here.


The mainstream media is full of misinfo/disinfo, but we should be mindful of how easy it is equally for misinfo/disinfo to be 'seeded' into the 'alternative media'.


It doesn't take much for any good decent alternative research to be undermined and discredited by incredulous junk; we need to keep our wits about us, be more discerning about what we read/watch and share with others - question EVERYTHING!

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2 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

lt doesn't take much for 'bad actors' to create misinfo/disinfo, seed it into the various Telegram groups

l witnessed Bob Moran open another telegram channel just for his fans / followers to chat (no-one but Bob can post on his main channel)
Within 24hrs it had become 90% jew jew jew - and so Bob closed it down. 
Definitely bad actors stopping 'Bob Moran leaning people' from connecting.

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