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What is the point of 'Piers Morgan'? (Apart from 'reinforcing the narrative')

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I've never been any kind of fan of Piers Morgan, and I don't regularly watch any of his shows. But I watched the following clip the other evening, and I found myself enraged by his inability to have any kind of civil discussion with anyone who dares to have any different to opinion to him.


I get that Morgan is an 'establishment tool', but if anyone thinks he is some kind of 'free speech champion' then they are sadly mistaken.


David Kurten, leader of the Heritage Party and former UKIP London Assembly member, was on Morgan's TalkTV show to apparently 'discuss' the UK Government's commitment to blow millions of pounds on military aid to Ukraine.


Morgan comes across as an enforcer of the Establishment Narrative, and when Mr Kurten tries to make any kind of counterpoint, Morgan just starts shouting and talking over him, like a spoilt bully having a tantrum. So much for "Piers Morgan Uncensored"


Watch the clip here:


Sorry but Piers Morgan always has been and always will be an obnoxious wanker.


But this is nothing new, it has always been the case that whenever people appear on such media shows who don't "go with the flow", they just get talked over or interrupted, unable to put across any contrary opinion or explanation, without having the usual 'narrative' points thrown back at them. (I used to see this all the time whenever representatives from UKIP used to appear on shows such as BBC Question TIme and the like)


I know some people here think that David Kurten is just another Zionist shill, and I don't know for sure myself, but fair play to him for remaining as calm and composed as he did here.


As for Richard Tice, well he clearly comes across as another Establishment Shill, repeating the same 'current thing' soundbites.

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