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D-CYPHR Schools Program


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I had an invite today from my sons school:


Dear parent/guardian

We are excited to announce that on the 20 October 2022, we will be hosting the regional launch of D-CYPHR, the DNA, Children + Young People’s Health Resource. Hosted by TV presenter Ayo Akinwolere, this festival event on health & DNA includes entertainment, activities, crafts, free food and drink, raffle tickets and prizes. At the event, students and parents can find out about the D-CYPHR programme and how young people can participate.

To book your FREE ticket please copy and paste the the Eventbrite link into your browser
Please note tickets are limited so please book now to avoid disappointment


This is linked to 



which is a nationwide programme to get access to kids DNA and medical records so that it can be used in research to prevent childhood illnesses.


Sounds doggy as hell to me considering what we’ve just gone through and David’s latest dot connector featuring Yuval etc.


Anyone know anything else about this or if David is aware?






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2 hours ago, Erazered12 said:


FUCK ME!!! Have you read that site? I wouldn't want my kids and grandkids wirhin a thousand miles of those demented fuckers!


What do I have to do?


If a young person decides to join the Young People’s BioResource, they and their parent/guardian will be asked to fill in a consent form that describes how their sample might be used in research.


We will also ask young people to donate a small saliva sample and complete a questionnaire about their health and lifestyle.


The saliva sample will be used to extract cells and DNA. This is so we can study the genetic make-up and the role of genes in keeping us healthy.


Finally, we will ask participants and their parent/guardian to grant us access to the young person's health, education and social care records. For more information on what participation entails, please see our participants page.


In the Young People’s BioResource, both the young person and their parent/guardian need to agree to take part.


If you are interested in joining the Young People’s BioResource, we've outlined the seven steps.





We are working in partnership with the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, a leading national children’s mental health charity.


Our Patron

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge



Michael Samuel MBE

Chair of Trustees


Michael is also Co-Founder and Chair of Full Fact (a charity which aims to check and correct facts reported in the news).






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It gets worse! ...


Look at some of the Partners for NIHR|BioResearch ...



... and the rest - https://bioresource.nihr.ac.uk/about-us/our-partners/


Seriously, never allow this lot to get their bloodied hands on your kids DNA.


After the initial pilot programme in a few selected schools they are then going for all Secondary Schools and then by invitation from your GP or hospital clinic


Your kids DNA belongs to THEM, not YOU. Don't give it away!




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