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Italy saved by a new female far right PM?


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3 minutes ago, Doc said:

Ok, so basically we agree. Although I don't necessarily see the crown as a separate entity from the elite or PTB or whatever you want to call them. The crown is the ceremonial head of state. For them and us.

I meant to show you we have no democracy.


3 minutes ago, Doc said:

I don't know about the power structure or heirarchy of the elite class. That would be an interesting thread...

Yes it would.


I think the Royal families of Europe are still in power, with the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family at the top.

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4 hours ago, Doc said:

There is no solution to our predicament in politics of any kind. If anger and pitch forks don't come out soon it's game over in my opinion.


That's what ''they'' want. In the words of Klaus Schwab: ''We have to prepare for an angrier world.''


2 hours ago, Doc said:

Read my posts about the rot. I'm not naive about politics.


This is why honest politicians quit or die in mysterious circumstances. The rot will not allow good men to succeed.


No good person wants to rule others, which is what so-called politicians do. Also, https://danieljmitchell.wordpress.com/2020/10/11/americas-wretched-hive-of-scum-and-villainy-part-i/ 

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2 hours ago, Truthblast said:


Well, its either Government in control or the Private Sector.


Government can be somewhat kept honest with enough public pressure, good journalism and people paying attention to what is happening.


The Private Sector is, at this point, so powerful and rich that it can simply ignore public pressure.


Government can be reformed with some effort.


The Private Sector, imho, cannot be reformed or reform itself.



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48 minutes ago, dumbcritic said:




There are 5 problems here:


1) If a government goes bad, it can cause carnage


2) If you have NO government, very quickly the WORST elements in a society (criminals, mafia and other thugs) start to oppress and bully everyone. This happened after the fall of the USSR and also happened in other countries where the government was decapitated or broke apart.


3) The CULTURE and TRADITIONS and EDUCATION LEVEL in a country greatly determine HOW MUCH AUTHORITY is necessary to prevent a DO WHAT THOU WILLT STATE OF ANARCHY where the STRONG OPPRESS THE WEAK. In some countries, government could go away and society would carry on and stay civilized. In others you'd get an ORGY OF KILLING, GANG WARS, STEALING, RAPING, TORTURE AND OPPRESSION.


4) The U.S. Government is a VERY DIFFERENT ANIMAL from governments in many other countries. Immensely large, powerful, well resourced and rules-obsessed. Armed to the teeth. Not obliged to answer to anyone.


5) The good 'ole American Libertarian obsession with "No Government, No Taxes, No Central Bank, No Regulation" is a TOTAL INTELLECTUAL FRAUD. Society would very quickly COLLAPSE, and MEGACORPORATIONS would RELISH THE CHANCE TO DOMINATE THE COUNTRY COMPLETELY.

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