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Wednesday 21st September 2022

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California’s New Laws Designed to Protect Children From Online Harm Will Infantilise Us All


Pentagon Launches Probe into Woke Diversity Officer After her Tweets Asking Where She Can “Get a Break From White Nonsense for a While”


Memories of Jeff Wyatt – He was one of us


John Campbell pushed the official ‘Covid’ line and promoted the fake vaccine and YouTube loved him. Then he noticed shocking levels of excess deaths following the fake vaccine rollout. Fascist Cult-owned YouTube was aghast that the man they so loved had betrayed them and began like a lover scorned to take action against him (welcome to the real world, John). Here Campbell notes the excess deaths without mentioning the fake vaccine and then jumps through hoops to try to keep his channel alive. One thing John – you still haven’t sussed that there is no ‘Covid’ and that deaths you attribute to it are simply people who tested positive with a test not testing for it and died of something else


Why are UK hotels suddenly being booked out for ‘UN army personnel’?


America is being invaded which the Martha’s Vineyard pathetic hypocrisy has highlighted


This week on ‘In The News Right Now’


Absolutely must-watch and please share – CUT THE BULLSHIT: Enormous numbers of people are dying from the fake vaccine – as the psychopathic mass murderers knew they would. END OF



Meet The Great Reset King – Charles III


Rule by Archon




Day of the Demons in all their facets and forms …


David Icke Speech From London Protest – 17th September 2022


Fibrous Clots And Foreign Matter in Blood After ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccines: Is There a Way to Detox?


Arrested for questioning ‘the current thing’ (and using children in uniform to do it)


Time to get rid of the Royals


More desperate bollocks – wait for it: ‘Covid’ and poor NHS care ‘may be contributing to irregular heartbeat deaths’. Yes, and I may be a transgender Eskimo. I’m not, but I ‘may be’




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John Campbell Is still a shill , He will still push the fear porn about non-existent viruses I think he is a plant and there are several others in this New aged DR's movement that includes Reiner foolmich , and Tess Laurie the ivermectin queen
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