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Vegan food director at Beyond Meat turns cannibal

Mikhail Liebestein

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Eyes peeled for any similar stories.


Remember early on in the Covid scam when people infected by the imaginary ailment were fond of licking and spitting on items in super-markets? That seems to have stopped, but it would have been strange if it had just been an isolated event - it could have been put down to someone's insanity, but for there to have been multiple instances, I think it was something more. I


f I see vegans now doing a Mike Tyson special, biting chunks off people, it's unlikely to be just some nutter, but rather outside intervention of some kind.

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Wow, another food related cannibalism event:

Female Deliveroo rider bites off customer's THUMB in row over £57 pizza order and now he will have to get part of his toe cut off and sewn in its place




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